Daily Reaction: Is it Time to Reboot Resident Evil?

As reviews over the latest Resident Evil title come out, there has been a noticeable trend of negativity surrounding the game. With its more action oriented style, fans have once again started to split about what the Resident Evil franchise could have left after the series has seen so many changes. With that Daily Reaction’s Dan and Sebasstian discuss what the future could hold for Capcom’s once reigning champion of the horror genre.

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doctorstrange1895d ago

They need to make it more like CoD!

Knight_Crawler1895d ago

Nah they need bigger tanks and they need Chris flying the Bat wing into a room full of people on bath salts.

VileAndVicious1895d ago

Chris' campaign aside its honestly not that bad.
But I think its about time to reboot it. I wouldnt event mind the multiplayer aspect so much. But I think it would do the series good to take it back to more horror and zombies and less insects that come out of peoples faces.

spartanlemur1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

And WoW. They need to make it more like CoD and WoW, while adopting a free to play pricing strategy and making it multiplayer only.
The games industry today...

Arcanine1895d ago

i dont want them to reboot it because i love what i have played in the past.... but if capcom wants to milk the money out our pockets then no. If another developer wants a chance to actually listen to the people or fans then by all means give it ago.

neogeo1895d ago

It needs to be more like Spiderman!
but add turned based RPG elements and don't forget some kinetic and dance dance elements. Maybe top it off with some Wii fit mini games and pokemon and we will finally have the perfect RE game.

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Carl_Shocker1895d ago

Yes...funny how this pops up, the first blog I've ever done on here was about something along the lines of this topic

Foolsjoker1895d ago

Maybe it's time Capcom starts to listen, or maybe they will just keep beating this cashcow.

Carl_Shocker1895d ago

I think all of our minds are thinking the same thing now...if thats the case then maybe Capcom should man up and admit that they were wrong and loyal fans of the franchise were right.

VileAndVicious1895d ago


When was the last time youve seen a company admit theyve made a mistake....(netflicks i guess I just answered my own question)It doesnt happen very often. PR always puts a spin on their mistakes. And Im fine with that as long as Capcom takes a look at the lukewarm reviews from RE6 and take the series back to horror.

wishingW3L1895d ago

the game sold like 4 millions in 2 days! What reboot does it need?

Chug1895d ago

It needs a reboot in the fans eyes, not based on sales. People will buy about anything, just look at the music industry.

Foolsjoker1895d ago

Read the article, maybe you will find out.

nofallouthero1895d ago

they haven't sold 4 million copies they shipped 4.5 million to stores there is a big difference

xPhearR3dx1895d ago

They wouldn't ship that many if there wasn't a demand for it by retailers.

Khordchange1895d ago

its quite simple, give it to retro studios :O

coolman2291895d ago

Or Rocksteady. Can you imagine them doing Resident Evil?

oldfriend861895d ago

Turn it into an RPG or Resident Evil racing. Race through the streets of the infested.

What else did Mario and other sports games too. Resident Evil Party.

VileAndVicious1895d ago

lol I wouldnt mind an RE rpg personally. Might be kind of cool

colonel1791895d ago

I can see a Resident Evil RPG work. It could actually be interesting.

neogeo1895d ago

They should re do the mansion like in this first RE but this time make it like Luigi's mansion and hunt ghosts with a vacuum and bubble gun.

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The story is too old to be commented.