Luke Goss is Steve Fox has reported that Luke Goss has been chosen to play Steve Fox in the upcoming Tekken film.

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sak5003666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Whatever happened to his other twin?

sak5003666d ago

When will I, will I be famous... I'm sure most of u 80s people would remember

Neurotoxin3665d ago

Yes unfortunetly.

The Movie will be as good as the masterpiece that was Street Fighter - The Movie.

LeShin3665d ago

Not sure about the Tekken movie but.....

Luke Goss surprised me as Blade's nemesis in Blade 2, he was VERY good!

I just think they should leave this game alone....

GodsHand3665d ago

Hopefully they stay true to the story. None of this surprise im your (fill in the blank).