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Cliffy B. was supposed to announce Gears of War: Exile at E3 2011

Original-Gamer.com: "Producer of the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast said today on the new Kevin Pereria podcast that Cliffy B. was supposed to announce a new game last E3 that he called "Gears Kinect" which is better known as Gears of War: Exile, but that announcement never happened." (Gears of War, Xbox 360)

BakedGoods  +   712d ago
Thank the gaming gods they cancelled that travesty.
dcortz2027  +   712d ago
I don't get the disagrees, if CliffyB didn't approve of the Kinect based Gears game, then that says something. It wasn't to his standards and Gears Of War is an incredible series/franchise, screw motion gaming!
RivetCityGhoul  +   712d ago
gears of war is okay, i wouldn't call it incredible though.
BitbyDeath  +   712d ago
Wasn't this coming out next year or is that something else?
Mikefizzled  +   712d ago
Thats Gears of War Judgement if you got the two mistaken, comes out March I believe.
BitbyDeath  +   712d ago
Thanks, that is the one i was thinking of.
kma2k  +   712d ago
So why didnt he put a call into Molynuex & tell him to abonadon his kinect game?
josephayal  +   712d ago
Epic only hires the best of the best
but DAM Cliff Bleszinski has left the Gears of War
mcstorm  +   712d ago
Games get called off all the time as new ideas come up. I also dont know why kinect gets so much hate on here i have steel battalion rise of nightmares forza 4 fofa 13 dance cemtral 2 just dance 3 halo cea kinect sports 1 and 2 and a few other games that use kinect and not once had a problem with it or the control system.

As long as you play the games the way you are told they work and work well.

Im not sure how they would of done a gears for kinect unless it was a rise of nightmares type game.

I also wonder what will happen to gears now he has left epic as gears is one of my most played games on the 360 and imo i think 3 was the best of them all.
ChunkyLover53  +   712d ago
Quit making so much sense around these parts man!

I wouldn't worry about Gears though, that is what teams are for, Cliff was only one guy and wasn't even working on Judgment, he was working more on Fortnite.

People come and go when it comes to development teams, but there are a lot more talented people in the gaming industry today than ever before.
Qrphe  +   712d ago
At least someone enjoyed Steel Battalion HA. It was my most expected Kinect game (Steel Battalion fan on the original xbox) and it really failed to deliver.

Kinect controls may be may work for some people but definitely not for everyone (kinda like the 3D effect on the 3DS I guess).
Muffins1223  +   712d ago
I love fofa 13
mcstorm  +   711d ago
@ChunkyLover53 Im sorry ill try not to next time lol. But I do agree I think Gears will still be a good game and it could also give a fresh face to it a little bit like 343i are doing with Halo.

@Qrphe I think the 2 biggest problems with Steel Battalion HA is not everyone has the right setup in there room for it. (room not big enough or wrong type of sofa ect). the 2nd is the way you have to play it. Depending on what your sat on whats around you and how you sit can cause a problems with the game controls. Its a - point but then Steel Battalion HA is not suppose to be a pickup and play game none of them were. Ive seen quite a few videos of people playing the game and saying the controls are wrong and every time the room setup or the way they are playing the game is wrong. I think Capcom should of done a setup like Lionhead have done with the new Fable game where it tells you how to sit on a chair depending on what type it is and what can and cant be around you.

Im not saying it is the best Steel Battalion game made but I enjoyed it and it was nice to have a different approach to the game and games in general.

I do agree about Kinect not being for everyone though but that is just like everything in life.
MikeMyers  +   712d ago
He probably had some early tests and realized Kinect didn't fit well with the franchise. Thankfully at the time he worked for Epic and not Microsoft.
majiebeast  +   712d ago

People leaving epic all of a sudden first Rod Fergusson who went to irrational to help with Bioshock:Infinite PCF founders left and now Clifford the big red dog. At this moment epic is faceless.

I wish him luck but this really came out of nowhere seeing as they just announced fortnite and gears of war judgement.

On topic: I dont get why you would want to make a kinect game its proven time and time again that it doesnt work for anything other then a dance game and little gimmicks like shouting fus ro dah at the tv.

Kinect ruined steel battalion i feel sorry for from software who had to make and release knowing that it was gonna be a mess.
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Dlacy13g  +   712d ago
Correction... From Software ruined SteelBattalion HA with horrible UI and bad design choices for Kinect along with ridiculous chapter/level design for the game. SB wasn't so much hampered by Kinect as it was by poor decision making in development.
Soldierone  +   712d ago
So now that he is leaving, MS will call them up again and make Gears of War: Dance Party for Kinect?
wastedcells  +   712d ago
People wonder why he left lol
Tyre  +   712d ago
1 thing is certain, he cancelled a kinect game and wasn't fond of kinect games. He praised Valve and had lot's of cool new open world game ideas. The last thing he said in GTBonus Round was:"Mark my words Virtual Reality Helmets are coming back in a big way!", Valve & Carmack are working on new helmets....Cliff is just taking the time off to work on new ideas for the nextgen...he will be back, for sure. I actually find his leaving good news, better than all the kinect future BS. The NextGen will be very interesting, cause a lot of things are happening with developers. These developments are a forecast of things to come & it has nothing to do with the pathetic Kinect games.
from the beach  +   711d ago
Interesting info.

I'm all for more developers using Kinect, but games get cancelled for a reason and if they couldn't make something that's faithful to Gears while using the motion camera (at this stage, at least) then it's for the best they didn't.
mynameisEvil  +   711d ago
Fittingly enough, Gears of War: Exile is the exiled one from the series. And even if it had been made, it would've been pretty much exiled due to lack of hardcore gamer interest.

It's just kind of funny to me that a game named exile was always going to be doomed to it. ;P
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