Level 5 Announces New Games

Level 5 has officially opened their “black box” and announced 3 different games.

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abzdine2027d ago

what a disappointment !! Not even retail games !

majiebeast2027d ago

Big dissapointment maybe they should stop making those shitty Inazuma 11 games, so they can start on darkcloud 3 already long overdue.

Jason_Tanner2027d ago

Yeah, I'll pass on all of them.

wastedcells2026d ago

Same, I was all pumped when I read the title but as soon as the page loaded.....WTF.

colonel1792027d ago

Even if they are small games (more suitable for iphone) it's pretty noticeable that developers are really supporting the 3DS.

I wish Vita had the same support. It's an incredible system, but somehow seems like developers and publishers don't care that much about it. Maybe it is because the development costs are higher for the Vita than the 3DS?

People tend to relate developer support with market share, but at one point the 3DS was new and had no market share, so why not risk more for the Vita_

Snookies122026d ago

Yeah, the lack of attention the Vita is getting is really sad to see. It's a wonderful system, I seriously don't understand the lack of interest on the developers part. It's much easier to work with than the PS3, so you'd think (as I'd heard that was the main issue developers had with the PS3, how difficult it was to code for) the Vita would have more support.

Xof2026d ago

Nintendo has been supporting the 3DS, that's why third party developers are turning to it.

Maybe if Sony supported the Vita more, and did more things to encourage third party development, it'd see more support.

r212027d ago

Well...thats disappointing :L My fault for expecting huge games announcements :C

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