Stuff from the New Assassin’s Creed III Trailer That Ubisoft Doesn’t Want Americans to See

kotaku writes:

Ubisoft released a new trailer for Assassin's Creed III today. In the American version that you'll see below, it looks like Connor killed one American soldier. But in the UK version of the trailer above, it's clear that he's ending the lives of many American revolutionary rebels.

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iamnsuperman2263d ago

I can see why they have done it especially with some of the heavy patriotic themed trailers they have shown in the past (wouldn't exactly scream continuity). What I do not get is why bother having two different trailers. In a world with youtube being the main source for these videos surely people could easily end up watching the UK one

Carl_Shocker2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

See I don't know why they didn't do this anyway

If there so bothered about Americans getting upset then cut it from the US adverts but keep it in for everywhere else because look whats happened since it was announcmed they've made the game look one sided and pro American.

I mean it's not that hard to edit something like that out.

Still waiting on some gameplay videos of Connor doing some missions for the Red Coats, they say you'll do it but we havent seen a single piece of evidence on it, why say something if you can't show anything to back up your claim.

You know it's funny because when Ubisoft was asked about the marketing they denied they were doing this and they wern't afraid to show footage of Americans being killed in the US and once again there own marketing contradicts there claims.

I always wondered why they made the E3 trailer the way they did, instead of him coming up the middle fighting both Americans and the British he came from the American side and made it look like he was leading them to victory. I don't know why they did this Americans wouldn't of give a crap to be honest as long as they wern't made to look like the bad guys which is happening to the UK and the red coats.


People angry at it shouldn't be playing this game anyway. Do people even know what an Assassin is, what it does and from where it comes?

Assassin's Creed is based on the historical figure of Hassan-i Sabbah and his clan, the Hashshashin (the Assassins), the guy who is quoted with the game's main phrase and idea: "nothing is true, everything is permitted".

Anyone with reading skills can see they weren't good guys (neither necessarily bad guys), they were just guns for hire without moral, political or cultural concerns about their jobs.

In the game's fiction the reason they seen so distant from human conflicts as good or bad is because they are engaged in an upper fight over misterious relics and power that could ruin humanity as a whole, not simply paid killers as history kind of points at.

As you can guess, in the series whichever side is winning usually have some of the mystical power in question, so they go after the guys within such organizations that are abusing the power. It has nothing to do with being the good side or bad side, but good or bad people in either side. In fact, I won't be surprised if Assassins are portrayed as an independent side in this war, killing both red and blue coats, while infiltrated in either side.

MAJ0R2262d ago

Why do people think Americans will get mad if Conner kills blue coats? I don't know one American who cares at all. I have however seen some Brits that were mad that red coats were being shown killed.

It's really stupid to be made either way. I'm almost positive that Ubisoft will be depicting the Americans as the good guys, and the British as the bad guys (rightfully so, or else they wouldn't be historically accurate.)

Carl_Shocker2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )


So true...Ubisoft shouldn't have to lie, were all grown ups if they think Americans can't handle it then really someone should say something. I mean if I was American and they thought I couldn't handle something like that I would be ticked off, they may aswell call me weak.


" I have however seen some Brits that were mad that red coats were being shown killed. "

You have to understand people arn't upset over that, there just ticked off that Ubisoft are lying and are making the game one sided which goes against other AC games, in those games there wasn't a focus on the current war and who was killed it was about the Templars and the Assassins but in AC3 they are focusing on the war too much and the history, I've hardly seen anything Templar related in the marketing. I mean all I've seen is mostly one sided footage and that is what British people are ticked off at.

I mean people keep saying "Well if Ubisoft said they arn't being one sided or he won't get involved in the war then believe them"....sorry but how can I when the next bit of makreting whatever it may be always goes against what they've just said.

Why do people not look at this logicaly

I feel most Americans know this but all there thinking at the end of the day is...

"Phew...least it's not happening to us, least where not being made to look like the bad guys"

whydoyouask2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Ah screw it...

2262d ago
MAJ0R2262d ago

I know that's why the Brits are mad, but what can they expect from a game based on revolutionary America? The real problem is that they are being being made the bad guys because they WERE the bad guys... in 1775 of course.

Unless you would prefer being ruled under a monarchy.

Nimblest-Assassin2262d ago

Yup... Im 100% sure you are Mike Cosgrove, considering your new here, Mike closed his account around the same time you popped up, and you have the same arguements and ideology as him

Yeah... your mike no question about it

Look I have told you over and over and over, but lets discuss this in a different way

I am going to talk about what assassins creed is in its fundamentals

The entire story of AC has been about the templars and the assassins. Neither side is considered EVIL or GOOD. They both have conflicting motifs in which both sides believe their ideology is best for the world.

This is the core of the story.

Now lets look to history... since you and all the other people complaining about Connor killing red coats, keep forgeting that the american revolution was A CIVIL WAR!

EVERYONE AT THE TIME WAS BRITISH. Why the colonists fought the empire is because they felt like they where being told how to live their lives, and wanted to make their own choices. This was the fundamental beliefs of the founding fathers of America.

Now look back to the context of AC. What is an Assassin most likely to chose?

Also.. if you actually watched the trailer connor says something about who he is.


Yeah, thats right. In all the whining and complaining between American and British people saying Connor is taking sides, everyone forgets he is Native American.

And we all know the british empire expanded everywhere. Africa, India, Canada, America,etc. All of these countries inhabited by natives, were forced to become British colonies. So please tell me something the british did to promote freedom and independance... something the Assassins hold to their code, and makes up their fundamentals.

Please message me about that if you have anything.

Finally, Connor doesn't recieve missions. No assassin in any of the games have ever recieved missions from someone who was not an assassin.

The man Connor killed at E3 was Cylus, a slave driver. That is the reason Connor killed him. Not because "the americans made him do it". It is because Cylus oppresed the people, both native and colonial.

2) The E3 trailer. Connor does not lead them to victory. He ran through the American side because he was in the forests. He did not interact with anyone, he STOLE A HORSE GODAMNIT, AND RODE IT INTO BATTLE TO KILL THE GENERAL WHO WAS A TEMPLAR.




lociefer2262d ago

i cant believe these comments im reading, ITS A FCKING GAME GUYS, no debate will change the course of the game or that of history, so just shut up and enjoy the game for what it is

pixelsword2262d ago

I loved how UBI tried to hide a game clip...

...from the internet.

That's almost cute in a child-like way.

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Aceman182263d ago

this doesn't bother me at all as an American. im not one of those overly sensitive people who gets offended so easily like others.

when i play this game im killing anyone who gets in my way Americans or British. its just a game. i actually wish an American developer would have the guts to make a game that doesnt paint us in a pretty picture.

iamnsuperman2262d ago

"i actually wish an American developer would have the guts to make a game that doesnt paint us in a pretty picture"

problem with an American developer doing this really comes down to sales potential. I am not sure why this is the case but Americans can be quite patriotic (not a bad thing) and the general media really pushes this further so putting America in a bad light will not exactly go down well with the general media and could damage sales from America which is a big region. Americans are unlike the British who are quite reserved and haven't exactly been patriotic (the only recent example we have been patriotic is with the Olympics which has already died down). So I am not expecting it any time soon especially for a new ip.

Aceman182262d ago


i hear ya, and to me thats what i can't stand about my own country a lot of the times. i would applaud any american developer who would actually try it.

its high time people in this country stop being scared of the american media; all it does is try to brainwash people out there.

i know one thing when AC3 drops i'll be enjoying the hell out of it; whether its killing Americans, or Brits because its just a damn game.

bloodybutcher2262d ago

i totally feel offended by such outrageous side-taking. i shall take every opportunity to voice my negative opinion. i did the same while helping gamers to see how unfair games treat some of the factions in multitude of games, i.e. mutant community from Fallout 3. those poor,misunderstood creatures...

SnotyTheRocket2262d ago

I thought that line that his mentor was saying, while Connor was kicking blue coat ass, was awesome.

MostJadedGamer2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Far less Americans will see it the UK trailer then the US trailer. That is why Ubisoft is doing it.

Nimblest-Assassin2262d ago

They should have made this trailer universal. The uk one is way more badass than the us one. Both trailers have conflicting themes, the us one being about working together but the uk one being about Connor being alone.

But still the uk one is probably the best trailer I have seen this year

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phantomexe2263d ago

The brits are the only ones who care. Show it.... people aren't going care. You brits have cryed so much i'm not sure i even care to play it anymore.

Carl_Shocker2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

lol...your not going to get it because of that. I don't like the pro American vibe from it but after this I now understand why they have done it because it won't be like that in the game it's just so they don't upset Americans, obviously they think you guys are more sensetive then British people, even then I wouldn't refuse to buy a good looking game just for those silly reasons.

If this was the other way round and Americans saw nothing but Americans get killed in all of AC3s trailers, gameplay videos, screenshots etc then there would be a huge uproar.

Don't make it seem like you wouldn't care because you would.

Seriously if the shoe was on the other foot it would be exactly the same...don't denie it.

RivetCityGhoul2263d ago

"I don't like the pro American vibe from it" uh dude its a game set in the american revolution you know where the americans (who were actually British by the way) broke free from the British empire. like really what kind of vibe is it supposed to have. i swear you got to be either VanillaBear or MikeCosgrove because the amount shit you just spewed is incomprehensible.

Carl_Shocker2262d ago


"uh dude its a game set in the american revolution you know where the americans (who were actually British by the way) broke free from the British empire"


Yes but the point is Ubisoft said the whole war wasn't the focus and Connor wouldn't get involved. Yet still they try and give it an pro American vibe so they don't upset Americans, kind of silly if you ask me.

vickers5002262d ago


Advertisements and the actual game are two completely different things. Did you ever think maybe they were talking about the actual game when they said Connor would be neutral?

Advertisements of video games rarely do a good job of reflecting the tone or "vibe" as you put it, of the actual game. Just look at all those idiotic gamestop "pre order bonus" trailers, the one for battlefield was terrible, but it didn't mean the game was like what the trailer showed. Advertisements are just made to sell the game, by whatever means possible, so if making a "Merica F*** yeah!!" trailer is the best way to get the most people to buy the game, then it shouldn't matter, so long as the promises they made are kept in the actual game, which we don't know if they are or aren't, which is why I advise people to stop whining like little babies about this until the ACTUAL GAME is out.

Carl_Shocker2262d ago


Mate I've alreayd said that

"but after this I now understand why they have done it because it won't be like that in the game "

"because it won't be like that in the game"

"in the game"

"whining like little babies "

Hmmm...very mature, next time before you get your panties in a twist read my comment through so you don't miss anything.

phantomexe2262d ago

I never said anything about not getting it but listening to you guys cry about it does kill the vide. On a side note not everone who came to america was british. My family came here as early as 1637 and im not british but irish. My comments arent just for you shocker my bad on where i posted it.

vickers5002262d ago

"Hmmm...very mature, next time before you get your panties in a twist read my comment through so you don't miss anything."

I've noticed you like to question peoples maturity when they point out that you're wrong, and claim the other person completely misinterpreted your comment, always with your bullcrap line of "read my comment" or something along those lines.

Either you are absolutely AWFUL at expressing yourself through comments, or you just use those lines as a defense mechanism because you are too immature to admit that you might be wrong, which is the likelier of the two possibilities. With those lines, you can keep saying whatever you want, but if someone calls you out on it, you can simply revert to the "clearly you can't read, you twisted my words" lines so you never have to admit you're wrong.

But hey, it seems to be working for you, you kind of seem like you believe those crap lines you keep spouting out. Good luck living in denial.

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TCG_Returns2263d ago

Not only the brits.I'm Canadian.Not much bias either way from me.

What really bugs me is the fact ubi said conner would be fairly neutral and would back & forth from side to side.

Then they go all out with the Merrica' fuck ya videos for the next 5 months.Just the fact that they say one thing and do the opposite is what most people are peeved about.Doesn't just have to be angry brits

Nate-Dog2262d ago

Finally someone comes out with sense. I don't know why people are acting so patriotic over the whole "Connor is killing only British people thing". The fact that Ubisoft seem to have lied about Connor being neutral is the issue, and them also trying to cater to different audiences by basically attempting to hide this and that from one side and not the other is a bad sign too. It's a video-game, we all know that, so what's the issue? If he sides more with the Americans then so be it. If he sides with the British, then again, so be it.

The only other thing I have been thinking is that (in the case that Connor is actually fairly neutral as they have said) perhaps later on in more important moments he ends up siding with the British and perhaps they simply don't want to spoil things. But given Ubisoft's recent history with these sort of things (and the fact that they're already trying to hide things from all audiences) I doubt it.

iamnsuperman2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I think I can speak for the majority of British people (except for the Daily Mail who just loves to stir things up- even its readers on the website usually complain about what the DM does) and say we do not care. The reason for the complaints really stems from the contradicting statements and videos from Ubi. Say one thing but show another and we would rather have it straight. British people are not patriotic. We are very reserved when it comes to things like that (in a way we should be more patriotic but we are not).

I personally do not like how they have been advertised this game. Instead of showing the game for what it is they have seemed to be playing too much on the pro american heart strings. I would rather have it be about the struggle between the Assassins and the Templars and saving humanity for total destruction (which is really what the game is about)

stuntman_mike2262d ago


might not be many patriotic brits but there are tons of patriotic English, welsh, scottish and irish. British doesnt really mean anything any more just a collective term that other countries use.

also the fact that most of the native americans are killed off (nearly a whole race wiped out) he shouldnt be on either but fighting for his people.

omi25p2262d ago

You clearly have absolutely no idea what Us "BRITS" were irritated about.

It wasn't the kill of red coats, that's called history and its something USA Lacks.

But it was the fact in the 4 previous assassins creed games the storys have all revolved around Huge world changing wars and yet in those 4 games neither side/sides have been shown as being the hero's/ Vilians.

Yet with AC3 all we have seen up and till this point has been ridiculously patriotic towards America showing how they overcome PURE Evil and tyranny and how brave the Americans were.

Us "Brits" were angry because of that fact that for the sake of sales they seemed to have turned AC3 In to A Yank-fest. It might as well have been a WW2 Movie directed By Steven Spielberg Because we all know America fought that war alone.

Just look at the Inside AC3 videos ubisoft have released. They say Connor is on the side of freedom and fight against evil and Poverty.

If they were to do it accurately they would show how it was essentially a civil war and the side that lost left the land. Not how a group of americans slaves have been tortured and Abused decide to fight against evil.

But in this recent trailer they have shown what the game should have been showing all along. A war of two evils where as soon as the need for an Allie has been used up and they end up being in the way you then destroy the same people who one you the war.

Because in war there is no good vs bad. Sure you get HEROIC soldiers but you dont get heroic sides.

TopDudeMan2262d ago

Umm. the native americans were very much a third party in this war. They said you'll be killing both british and american soldiers. So what's the problem? There are templars on either side.

extermin8or2262d ago

See I have no issue with the killing of Readcoats, being British that's fine; however what I and I think many other AC fans do have an issue with and I believe is probably the cause of the majority of this "crying" you refer to is the fact that the Assassins are supposed to be neutral, now when AC was first announced they specifically said there would be templar's on BOTH sides yet for the 1st few months all they did was show conner fighting the British.... or that stupid live action trailer that made out the game was fighting the oppression of the British-which it is not; more recent trailers have shown this but to begin with Ubisoft were announcing one thing then showing us footage of something completely the opposite. That's what many people had an issue with that and the fact that they were clearly not showing certain things for fear the American markets would get all worked up, therefore there was concern that this fear would extend to AC3's final version and both sides would be shown in an inaccurate way it's now clear this is not going to be the case however so it's all good. That all said one thing I'd like to point out is that although now several hundered years on it's very clear that the way the British were treating their colonies was not reasonable at the time they didn't think that; I'm sure that today many of the people considered an enemy to various nations consider themselves fully in the right in every action they make-and both sides did bad things,that was the issue not simply that he might be killing British soldiers from 400 years ago but the fact Ubisoft seemed to be lying about the game content when infact they were merely lying with what they decided to show to the press....

Optical_Matrix2262d ago

You have it all wrong. The issue is the overtly pro-american vibe I, and many others have got from the games marketing. Being a british national, with jamaican heritage I find it rather ridiculous when going by history, both sides of the war were as evil as each other.

Hence forth, I don't expect the 'america fuck yeah' ideals to creep into yet another AAA game when Alex Hutchinson specifically said that Conor didn't necessarily have solid allegiances

KURKO12262d ago

Americans are fat ignorant and stupid and you just backed up some of my points, your probably fat too.

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FarCryLover1822263d ago

I don't care. I'm an American and revolutionary rebels died. Big deal. I don't know any of them and that was 300 years ago. I might be upset if I was from the Revolutionary war era, but I am NOT.

Fez2262d ago

And it's a video game! This should be a non-issue. I'm British and I have no problem playing as Spetsnaz and killing the SAS for example...and the American Rev happened hundreds of years ago so I think it's far enough removed from me.

HarryMasonHerpderp2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Ubisoft have handled this terribly.
They should of just come out with the truth from the start.
Killing Brits AND Americans.
That way it wouldn't of seemed so one sided.
Instead of showing different audiences different things.
Were all grown ups I think we can handle it.
I would of had a lot more respect for them if they stuck to their guns and just said here are some Americans being killed because that's what happens in war, this is the story of the guy in the middle.

Summons752262d ago

but.....they did say outright that Conner is neutral and will be killing both armies. It's British people that got all butthurt because 2 minutes trailers from a 30+ hour game. Honestly I don't really care seeing the AC series has done a good job of keeping the actual history straight and true while weaving the Assassin Vs Templar plot through without disturbing the history much. Same thing will happen with this game too, at the end of the day the British colony will still win the revolution. Ubi even said that AC3 will go sometime after the revolution as well, although this will probably be AvT plot and gear up toward AC4 and or AC 3.2

HarryMasonHerpderp2262d ago

Yeah that's my point, they said Conner was neutral yet all we have been shown until recently is him slaughtering Brits with a big American flag in the background.
It all looked very "Americaaa F*** YEAH!"
which to me as a Brit was a little off putting.
I don't mind Brits being killed as long as they stay true to their word that Conner is neutral and not just killing Brits which to be fair hasn't been the case for the trailers that have been shown up until now.

Dlacy13g2262d ago

@HarryMasonHerpderp I fully get where you are coming from. See my post down a ways where I talk about your very sentiment.

I think the reality of this game is a majority of it is going to be skewed on the side of you fighting along side the American side and there will be moments/breaks from that where you will have to fight the American's.

They are definitely being "smart" about their marketing because they assumed (correctly) that British folk won't get behind a game that is all about you killing other British folk. And in the US, it absolutely has been this "patriotic" push and there hasn't been a whisper of you killing American's for the most part.

Its Marketing 101....its a bit deceiving...but its not to far on the decieving side to get them in any kind of trouble.

stuntman_mike2262d ago

dont forget ubisoft are mainly a french company so they probably hate all our nations lol.

chad22hkd2263d ago

the only ones that should ever even feel a little upset about this game would be the native Americans.

dachiefsman2263d ago

why should native americans be upset? If anything this game is reflecting the torment and pain caused by the colonization of America.

Eamon2262d ago

The game might but so far the trailers have been very largely pro-American.

But knowing Ubisoft Montreal team, they'll stick to history anyway and the game might not be as patriotic as we thought.