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Sony, Can You Speak Up Please

Paul Quiñones of DualShockers discusses the highs and lows of PlayStation marketing campaigns. (PS Vita, PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment)

AngelicIceDiamond  +   1003d ago
Sony wiped there marketing and PR team recently. Its gonna be tough for them to gather marketing resources to advertise.
Machioto  +   1003d ago
Marketing is neither bad or good for a product it only gives the item exposure,it's the consumer choice if the willing to purchase the product or not.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1003d ago
Marketing is essential for any product, not sure why your saying its not good or bad, of course its good!

If you have a game, a game you really believe in, or a product you believe in, show that you believe in it by marketing the thing!
MeatAbstract  +   1003d ago
True, marketing is a good thing. But also a very competitive thing as well. It costs money to get your advertisements in places where people will notice.

I'm sure in America one of the most expensive places to put your ad on TV is the adverts during the Superbowl, just like the World Cup as well.

Since we live in an age where advertisement is everywhere, you also have to make sure you ad stands out. What makes this different from the other products there? What can it do, how much is it, why choose over a competitor? And when you have to put this across in a minimalistic way (because people have short attention spans as well).

So believe it or not, marketing is a tricky thing these days.
Machioto  +   1003d ago
I'm not sure if it's a good enough example but Alen Wake & Heavy Rain are a couple of games that come to mind,most believe that the fomer would sell better because it's more conventional than the latter,there wasn't any commercials I've for both games but hr sold better and faster than aw proving my point that market isn't beneficial or negative to a product.

@donbeat Ms has done better this gen because they capitalized on Sony's mistakes,cod doesn't sell that much more on the 360 and both Ms/sony games sells fluctuate.
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doogiebear  +   1003d ago
@ Machiotto's Original Comment:

Yeah right. Tell that to xbox, a console that almost quit giving exclusives, charges you just to go online, uses dvd's instead of blu ray YET still manages to outsell Ps 3 (which is superior in its vast amount of AAA exclusives, same 3rd party games xbox gets, is a blu ray player, free online, and offers the amazing ps plus for cheap).

Advertising is what keeps xbox ahead even though it has these flaws and only makes lame Kinect games. Advertising is the reason why some people think COD, Resident Evil 6, Sports games,etc are exclusive to xbox (when it really isnt).

Marketting alone is what keeps fools buying it when their getting ripped off by M$. This is not me being a fanboy, it is obvious that people pick xbox because the lack of ps3 ads makes it seem as if Ps 3 doesnt exist. Which is a damned shame, since ps 3 is the best experience gaming wise, entertainment wise, and durability wise (breaks down less often then xbox).

Sony seriously NEEDS to start marketing again. This is why great games like Starhawk, Modnation, etc sold pitifully, while awesome games like Little Big Planet Karting is coming out next month, and yet even some hardcore ps 3 gamers never even heard of it. If sony gets their marketting done right (personally I think they should use the people who market for Sony's Erricson phones...their commercials are amazing), THEN Sony will dominate (with time). Until then, M$ will profit (literally) off of the fact that Sony doesnt compete with ads. The masses are too dumb/busy/ignorant to look for the info if Sony themselves doesnt think its worth it to market it.
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ShaunCameron  +   1002d ago
@ donbear

Have you ever considered that some people just might actually PREFER the XBox 360 over the PS3 because it happens to be more than sufficient for their gaming needs, advertisements notwithstanding? Judging by its sales, it looks like all the features the XBox 360 lacks isn't much of a deal-breaker.

<Yeah right. Tell that to xbox, a console that almost quit giving exclusives, charges you just to go online, uses dvd's instead of blu ray YET still manages to outsell Ps 3 (which is superior in its vast amount of AAA exclusives, same 3rd party games xbox gets, is a blu ray player, free online, and offers the amazing ps plus for cheap).>

I'm not getting ripped off by MS. So which "fools" are you talking about? I think the only fools around are the ones who spent some 100-150 dollars more for a console that for all its "superior" features doesn't do anything significantly better than its rivals to justify the rather hefty price tag. Isn't that why right now Sony is in its current financial predicament that it's in? PS3 the best experience? LOL You just exposed yourself. By the way, that's all subjective. And I own a PS3.

<Marketting alone is what keeps fools buying it when their getting ripped off by M$. This is not me being a fanboy, it is obvious that people pick xbox because the lack of ps3 ads makes it seem as if Ps 3 doesnt exist. Which is a damned shame, since ps 3 is the best experience gaming wise, entertainment wise, and durability wise (breaks down less often then xbox).>
Eyeco  +   1003d ago
The worlds best selling piece of sh!t is easily Kinect, why ? Because Microsoft marketed the hell out of the thing ,I mean Jesus Christ they put 500 million dollars into the advertising campaign alone that's insane , i think it was even featured on Oprah ...Oprah one of the worlds most powerful women think about how powerful that statement is and it shows in the sales of that turd 20 million plus worldwide.

Now look at Halo 3 a game made on a budget of 60 million dollars, does Halo 3 look like 60 million dollar game ? Hell no the majority of that budget went on its insane marketing campaign and look at the result 13 million sold worldwide

Look at a game like LittleBigPlanet , 3-4 million sold worldwide majority of those sales can be attributed to word of mouth and Internet acclaim , my point being if Sony had marketed the cr@p out of that game it easily would have sold 10 million plus, I mean look at it the game has universal appeal written all over it, my girlfriend and sister are addicted to it, heck even I was, it's a shame that game didn't enjoy massive sales numbers, granted its still an amazing game but it should have sold more.
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pdqprogrammer  +   1003d ago
That is a problem since people need to be exposed to their products in order for them to move forward and grab the attention of consumers. Marketing is key and decides if a company does well or not. Indie devs truly appreciate the power of marketing and that is why many have begun to use Kickstarter not only for funding but for exposure.
tigertron  +   1003d ago
Sony really need to advertise their Playstation products more. Seriously.
False-Patriot  +   1003d ago
Sony need to buy some huge franchises, not advertise PlayStation.
pdqprogrammer  +   1003d ago
They have many huge franchises as part of their first party. They also have exclusive (time wise) access to some third party games and DLC such as Battlefield. No I believe the problem is they do not advertise their offerings as well as Microsoft and Nintendo do. Outside of the end life of the Wii, Nintendo is very talented at pushing its consoles like the DS and 3DS.

You would think with the changes to PS+ and the launch of PS Mobile, Sony would be all over the place especially before holiday season. Now is the time for a big push and get people interested in their offerings.
unchartedxplorer  +   1003d ago
Indeed. I don't think I've seen a single vita ad on the television. My friends don't even know about the vita. Imagine how many sales they would get if they really advertised the vita.
rpd123  +   1003d ago
Exactly. I remember hearing about he Vita launch and thought "damn I should get one" and then months went by and I completely forgot about it. Finally got one and tell my friends, their response is "what the hell is a PS Vita".
redtideone11  +   1003d ago
sony just got to stop being sony. as much as I hate it for somone reason not alot of people are intrested in sony products anymore.
caseh  +   1003d ago
Why did the Kevin Butler adverts stop and why were they NEVER aired outside of the states.

Best advertising campaign I think i've ever seen for any console and they just dropped it.
doogiebear  +   1003d ago
Butler left. But it was probably because Sony was cutting down on ads, and the man has to feed his family right? So he does other commercials. But yeah, those ads were pretty good.
Sizzon  +   1003d ago
They need to advertise their games better period, Starhawk (really fun multiplayer) sold very poorly. And I'm not sure how LBP Karting and PSABR will do.

Hopefully The Last of Us and God of War Ascension will get more push next year tho.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1002d ago
I realized this, this year Sony is really booking for word of mouth, and online ads such as their website domains and popular games sites like IGN, gamespot and Eurogamer and many others.

I believe Sony won't put money on advertising in less popular 1st party titles. Notice this year there were no immediate ads for StarHawk, Sorcery, and Twisted Metal only online ads because its cheaper. Sorcery did the worst (sales sales) and Twisted Metal did the best and StarHawk in the middle.

Books Of Spells should be Sony's major family friendly title. Sony said it themselves they wanted to push Book Of Spells this holiday season I hope it goes well for them.

Next year Sony's major 1st party titles get released so we will no doubt see allot of marketing going on.

LOU and GOW will see major marketing push next year.
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JadedXGamer   1003d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
josephayal  +   1003d ago
Because sony is so completely secretive about what they are doing.
pdqprogrammer  +   1003d ago
Funny part is that everything they are doing is know just not mentioned. Like PS Mobile was announced then nothing was said about it until launch day and even then not much was said or shown about it such as titles.
kB0  +   1003d ago
This console tempts me because it has a 32 nm cell reduction and a 28 nm RSX reduction, sporting 180 max watts (half of the Fat models)

Also it sports Wifi-N Finally!
BitbyDeath  +   1002d ago
Wait, is that true? Does it really have Wifi-N in the new console?

EDIT: Just googled around and could not find any articles mentioning it having wireless N
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Blankman85  +   1002d ago
kB0  +   1002d ago
Apperently they say it here:


Wifi b/g/n
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Sgt_Slaughter  +   1003d ago
Sony should take some notes from Apple, Nintendo, Samsung, Target, etc. They are some of the biggest companies who know how to advertise the hell out of products.
GrahamGolden  +   1002d ago
well sony either they like it or not WILL be forced to promo their games for the ps4 or they can say bye bye to the console market

great games came out this gen..making m$ exclusives look cheap trashes but still sold more than ps3 exclusives...

MARKETING ppl...its all about marketing
jd666  +   1002d ago
One thing I've never liked about Sony is their marketing of PS3, nearly every multi platform game advert is a 360 one, People not into gaming who're buying games for presents could think they're only available for 360 going by the adverts, They didn't even advertise GTA4 as being on PS3
DivineAssault  +   1002d ago
Their marketing does suck.. If i didnt keep up with news online for it, i wouldnt know anything about em.. I think they felt so comfortable being on top for 2 generations that they lost ambition to actually compete in marketing.. Releasing exclusive after exclusive wont help em if other people dont know it exists...

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