Kingdoms of Amalur funder Curt Schilling might avoid bankruptcy by liquidating all assets

"An AP report today confirms that Curt Schilling, the investor behind now-closed Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developer 38 studios, might have to liquidate all his assets to cover the studio's closing.

Yes, that includes the famous bloody sock from the Red Sox's 2004 championship run."

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nrvalleytime2027d ago

Still a terrible disappointment about 38 Studios and Schilling. Really enjoyed that game.

I hope they all have been hired elsewhere by now.

showtimefolks2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I am a Yankees fan and hate him but this man poured everything into his studio and made a really good game for being his 1st try.

Gamers understand me thing clearly:

Publishers will be making more and more sequels because we just don't buy the new IP like we buy sequels. Sleeping dogs sold 160k units in a month how could that happen? Is it not a good game? And COD can sell 160k in 25 minutes and medal of honor will sell 7-10 million

We love to complain about everything:

On disk sld
Pre release dlc announcements
Season pass
Online pass

Because we don't speak with our wallets no one takes us serious. RE6 sucks yeh there I said it it sucks it's a bad game well guess what it will sell millions of copies while a great game like KOA that 38 studios made didn't

I guess life isn't fair. But I know one thing moving forward the cost of development is 40-60 million on a game so expect sequels and a lot of them. And I don't blame the publishers it's us who are the real issue. We are the one holding this gaming business back not anyone else

With our blind devotion to a company and we defend their every move like its a religion . As long as we don't stand together as one on major issues nothing will change. Instead of being blind fanboys we can get a lot more done if we actually do things right and speak as one

Than companies like SE wouldn't be able to pull a kingdom hearts 1.5 crap where 2 games that are suppose to be together aren't because they want more money so they will release 2 different versions

Open your eyes
Educate yourself
Support new ideas
Just because it's your favorite series doesn't mean you should buy it every time and not support new ideas

Also smaller developers need our support buy their games new so they can survive otherwise it will be all big publishers and smaller developers working under them or for them on guess what SEQUELS

Peace one love gamers 4 life

maniacmayhem2027d ago

It's too bad I can't bubble you up for intelligent and well said.

I completely agree, even judging N4G with the amount of interest in a game you can see that sequels and well established IP's get the most heat comments.

KoA is a great game but I also think it was released at a bad time. It was right after (?) Skyrim and that game with its many flaws is extremely popular, way more than KoA could be. And people were still putting hours into that massive game.

Even myself I said after I finish Skyrim i'll jump on Ko, but I never did. By the time I finished Skyrim I moved on to another game I was anxiously waiting for.

Sad really, this game had a power house backing and support. Lets hope these guys bounce back and keep making games.

Norrison2027d ago

Well said. Best comment I've seen on this site.

TheTwelve2026d ago

Dang homie can you run for president

Capt-FuzzyPants2027d ago

This is what Schilling deserves for all the s*** he talked on Philly when he was here.

showtimefolks2027d ago

with all due respect sir he put his money where his mouth is and made a kickass game that should have sold really well but didn't. EA should have done better advertisement campaign since it was a new IP and coming out around Skyrim didn't help either

hopefully a publisher will buy the IP so we can get a proper sequel hopefully with curt at helm

nihonlight2027d ago

It's a shame when a company like 38 can put out one of the best rpgs this gen and go bankrupt while Bethesda can sell a broken game that needed 7+ patches and win goty.

majiebeast2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Well after this fiasco there is no one that is gonna open a game studio in long island.


Screwed over by the goverment.

YourFlyness2027d ago

How did they go bankrupt? KOA was everything Dragon Age 2 should have been, and played like Skyrim should have

rdgneoz32027d ago

They went bankrupt from pouring all the money they had into an unannounced MMO. There's been some leaked art work and I think a video of the game that's come out, but they spent too much money on it. KOA I believe broke even or at least made them a profit, but they used most of the loan they got on the MMO.

longcat2027d ago

he would probably still have a pension, but seriously, who was advising this guy????

50 million investment?

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