New Project Gotham 4 DLC Coming Next Week

Bizarre Creations have announced details of two new pieces of Downloadable Content which will be available for download on February 14 for Project Gotham Racing 4.

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Lygre3598d ago

Looks like Planet Xbox 360 copied the text right from the developers site. Just read the two and you'll know what I mean:



On topic: I'm so getting the Premium Pack for 400 MS points =)

kwicksandz3597d ago

Bizzare WANT you to know about the DLC, they wouldn't mind if every site on earth regurgitated what their site say.

Keowrath3598d ago


NICE! I loved the R6 before and gotta admit I was disappointed to not see the R1 in the original line up. Can't wait to check this out

Mars Attacker3598d ago

Rarely has a game been so much better than I expected. This one just keeps getting better too!

Zhuk3598d ago

I'll grab this DLC, PGR4 was one of the best games I played last year, new cars should be fun

Tone3598d ago

Nice one (thumbs up)

I love this game :)

400 points is ok :) makes a change from the silly amounts that some charge!

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