Happy Wars heads to XBLA for free on October 12

Toyko-based game developer Toylogic's latest title, Happy Wars, will be available for all Xbox LIVE Gold Members to download for free on October 12. The title is a free-to-play game specifically for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

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Shadonic1816d ago

look pass the overall art style and its a good game.

3-4-51815d ago

I actually like the art style. I'm hoping it's fun though.

Shadonic1815d ago

i like it too im just saying this for those who look at graphics as the main component of a good game.

thebudgetgamer1816d ago

That really is my kind of price.

guitarded771816d ago

A free to play game for free... amazing concept.

Seriously though, I will most likely download and give it a try.

AngelicIceDiamond1816d ago

Its pretty addicting I've been playing it for a month. Can't wait until my friends get there hands on this.

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