Wanna see nine minutes of Condemned 2?

PS3 Fanboy doesn't know about you, but they still haven't grown tired of mercilessly beating homeless people to death. Of course, they're not talking about real life – that would be mean. But it comes in spades in Condemned 2: Bloodshot as proven in this glorious nine minute gameplay clip.

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Guwapo773569d ago

OMG...I can give someone the finger? Consider it sold!

Statix3569d ago

Game looks really good. I'm definitely gonna get it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I was playing the first game in my 360 before I came to florida just to get back in the mood.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3569d ago

I was realy playing Condemed CO before I left for vacation. Dumb ass. It must be because I said "360" The first game is only on PC and 360, so I played it on my 360.

Guwapo773569d ago

Don't worry about it dude. It happens quite often... The invisible disagree'er.

TheXgamerLive3569d ago

This one is going to be great. The first few minutes didn't look to polished though, hopefully that'll be fixed before release or maybe it's just a ps3 thing, anyway's this game also has some great remenisent scapes related to those used in the xbox/ps2 hit "the suffering I & II".

Playing games like this after midnight w/all the lights out even makes me jump sometimes.

I can't wait for RE5 and the new Alone in the Dark.

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