Top 5 Horniest Women in Gaming

There a many types of women in gaming. There are the badass ladies to the damsel in distress type. The love interests to the cool sidekick to those over intercom; all these types of women appear in gaming. In this article you will learn about a woman of completely different motive; the horny women. These sex loving women are spotted in a variety of games; however,

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Seeing that this is written by a girl...

MikeMyers1899d ago

Does Veronica Belmont count? I swear each episode of Qore I watch she's totally looking right at me, wanting me. Even when I sit down in another chair her eyes keep following me. It's weird.

CommonSense1899d ago Show
crimsonfox1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

HAHA Thats her in the photo too

Arcanine1899d ago

after reading this yes, that was one of my thoughts as well a little surprised but

Arcanine1898d ago

Pretty sure the author miss out on that game

Xof1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Seeing as this is written by a girl... you're obviously a misogynist. The writer's gender plays no part in the content of the article.

And hell, even that last bit--condoning rape--comes across as a more stereotypically masculine reaction.

Kurt Russell1898d ago

^Someone put out this bra! ^

Bloodraid1898d ago

I can't exactly find the connection between pointing out that a female wrote an article about horny females and hating women.

Care to enlighten everyone?

showtimefolks1899d ago

women in games are just never represented in a right away everything has to be big butt and huge knockers. Heavy rain did a good job of a normal size female character

Also i like where this new Tomb Raider is going too

Heavenly sword had the best female character/sexiest(imo)along with enslaved

andibandit1899d ago


I will refer you to Ellie, from Borderlands 2.

007Bond1899d ago

Deal with it mainstream entertainment loves "perfect" model on male or female it's just the way it is.

attilayavuzer1898d ago

So what? All guys in games are fit superhero adventurers. Same thing happens to gender in most media forms. I have real life to spend with normal people.

showtimefolks1898d ago

i am not complaining was just saying lol 7 disagrees for giving my honest opinion. and than people wonder why so many legit gamers have 2 bubbles because we actually speak our mind

and unlike most n4g users i don't have 3 or 4 different accounts just to agree with my self and give myself a well said bubble lol

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Jason_Tanner1899d ago

Yeah, good for her too, way to perpetuate the exploitation and stereotype of girls in games/girl gamers just so your site gets some views.

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TheSuperior 1899d ago

Anyone else get a weird feeling from the great fairy in ocarina of time? lol jk

This list is great, made me laugh x)

Machioto1899d ago

I like the pixie character from the monster rancher series.

TheGrimBunny1899d ago

this is the best gaming article ever.

t0mmyb0y1899d ago

Haah that's an article I wouldn't have expected to see lol

FarCryLover1821899d ago

That's how hot her package is.

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