Dark Messiah DLC hits Live days before release

The upcoming Source engine first-person roleplaying game, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements, is hitting retail shelves on February 12. However, one of's eagle-eyed readers noticed downloadable content was already made available over Xbox Live Marketplace. At a cost of 400MS space-bucks you can add new maps, classes and weapons.

While is all about being proactive here at X3F, they wonder why this content isn't on the disc. They don't imagine the 151MB download would have filled a standard DVD to bursting and considering Dark Messiah was originally released on the PC in 2006, you'd imagine Ubisoft would find the time to toss it on the retail disc.

-- by Xav de Matos

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Keowrath3759d ago

I'm all for DLC, it often breathes life into a game you've stopped playing or extends the life as you're playing through it.

I have seen a few posts from other people here on N4G complaining about DLC and that it should have been on the original disk but that's usually AT LEAST a week after release.

This takes the piss if you ask me though. The game has yet to release and there's DLC for it already with major things like classes??? It's gotta be asked, why wasn't this included in the original package. And if it's because of time restraints, it makes you wonder what kind of quality these extras are going to be.

Come on Devs, release extra content a little way down the line. extend the life of the game or bring it back from the dead, don't release a half baked product and expect us to pay extra just for the full package.

ukilnme3759d ago

This looks like a rip off. I hope this does not become a trend or I may be skipping a lot of games. I think DLC should be delayed at least a month unless it contains a patch to fix the game.

HeavyweightInTheGame3759d ago

I noticed it on live marketplace a few days ago. I was like "wtf it's not even out yet". Could it be planned marketplace content with an error for the release date?

Legionaire20053759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

did the same thing with DLC when the game came out.

Ridrick3759d ago

'...first-person roleplaying game...'


First person hack&slash in fantasy world.

No roleplaying in this game.

gEnKiE3759d ago

Was it me or was this game not even that good?

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The story is too old to be commented.