Xbox 360 to release F2P Games

Lyndsay Moir: It appears Microsoft has embraced the free to play games market after taking lessons from the huge multi-million pound industry on the PC. Microsoft has begun exploring the realms of F2P games, delicately at first, with a few Xbox Live Arcade releases to be released shortly.

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dazzrazz2058d ago

As a XBL user I wouldn't call 'em F2P at all. You still need gold subscription :)

thorstein2058d ago

That was what I was wondering. XBL is a subscription.

darthv722057d ago

its more like when they had 1v100. That was a gold member F2P game. It didnt cost the member any additional $$ to play.

We could argue over the finer details but technically, as part of the service, you dont pay anything more to play the basic game.

Perhaps there are in game transactions like there are with other F2P games but those are at the discretion of the player.

Ben_Grimm2058d ago

The gold subscription is access to Love and its content and multiplayer games. The game is free if you have Gold.

So it is F2P.

shadow27972057d ago

Don't we all just want access to Love?

TalesFromTheBud2058d ago

well you have to pay your isp so i guess your point is moot.

SilentNegotiator2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Paying for a provider is ENTIRELY different from paying to access XBL Gold.

You need a provider to physically access the internet. XBL is just a barrier to playing games online without paying MS more money (because XBL is such an 'amazing' service and I totally want to pay for the only part of it that a lot of people, including myself, only use...multiplayer).

An ISP is water, XBL Gold is water-flavored Kool-aid.

darthv722057d ago

there will always be some underline fee to be paid to someone. Be it the ISP or power company or whatever. Those are just the finer details of things.

TalesFromTheBud2055d ago

xbl is a service. you have to pay for it like you have to pay for netflix. you have to pay your isp to access the net, you have to pay for service that are on the net. i dont see why gold subscriptions seem like any sort of issue.

Blankman852058d ago

True. But I'm not subscribing to play the games, they are just an added bonus.

AngelicIceDiamond2058d ago

Seeing how you other and Xbox users pay for Gold anyway.

Its games you can download at no additional cost Free 2 Play.

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majiebeast2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Yeah i doubt anyone would buy ascend that game looks so bad no1 would pay for that so ofc they offer it free. Happy wars looks decent but surely not the same level as dcuo or dust 514.

ChunkyLover532058d ago

No duh, I've been playing Happy Wars for over a month now. Nice to see XBL adding free games to the mix, they already had a brilliant premium online gaming service, now its getting even better with F2P games and awards for Gamerscore.

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