Bethesda – “still no DLC update for PS3″

"Chalk this one up to the expected category, but it's disappointing. Bethesda still doesn't have a time-table for PS3 Skyrim issues."

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jd6662060d ago

Why is this news? Who approves this kaka?

lastdual2060d ago

I hope we get another story an hour from now:

"Still no news from Bethesda"

Cam9772060d ago

Well, my poor sister bought a £16 code which until this is released, is absolutely useless. Terrible customer-service!

Nodoze2060d ago

F Bethesda and their bug ridden software. You would think with the money they are making they could hire some real coders, and a real QA team.

Eldyraen2060d ago

Most articles of actual worth mention its likely a ram issue and if so its not exactly an easy fix. Coding can't solve every hardware related issue. But guess its another way Xbox gets new exclusive content...

I've turned more PC centric again though so doesn't affect me but I can understand the frustration. It just shows that consoles are beginning to hit a wall regarding certain genres and scope. Love it or hate it--Bethesda does have a ton of content and physics enabled assets that are not bug hunting friendly.

Hicken2059d ago

Oh please. Why is no one else having this problem? Literally HUNDREDS of games out there that haven't had issues that Bethesda has with... ALL of their games. DLC has been available this entire generation, and this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone simply not being able to get it to work. Yet, somehow, that's the hardware's fault?


Let's stop with the BS. Bethesda has been having issues with high numbers of bugs for a while, so it's not that consoles have "hit a wall" or anything like that. Even on PC, the mod community gets to work immediately to improve Bethesda's releases and eliminate bugs.

They make ambitious games with a lot of content. But they fail in execution. In order to enjoy their titles, you have to look past quite a few flaws, and/or be lucky enough to have it on a particular console.

People really need to stop making excuses for Bethesda.

BlitzAK2059d ago

It is a shame that they can easily get away with this. It also wont stop them from making another buggy game.

WilliamH2060d ago

Everybody just forget about it, AC3 is out in 4 weeks, look forward to that instead.

Dead_by_Dawn2060d ago

I don't really care about dawnguard or hearthfire dlc on ps3 anymore. I've moved on and am enjoying dark souls and re6. I will say tho, bethesda will never get my money again. Until they learn to properly program for ps3, instead of just getting nothing but shitty ports

nrvalleytime2060d ago

"Moved on to Dark Souls."

Great decision. Still the best game I've played in the past two years.

Chug2060d ago

Dark Souls. Best game I've played since Demon's Souls.

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