Obama Might Have Lost The First Debate, But The Xbox Did Even Worse

Kotaku - General consensus is that Mitt Romney won the presidential debate last night. President Barack Obama came in second. Jim Lehrer's moderating skills were a distant third.

But Microsoft's Xbox Elections 2012, a platform that promised to let viewers watch the debate on their 360s and witness as audiences react in real time, might have performed worse than all of them.

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unchartedxplorer1930d ago

Why would you watch the debate on the 360 anyway? Seems like you are going out of your way to watch a debate you could have easily watched on you computer or television (assuming you have one).

darthv721930d ago

and youtube and i didnt know it was going to be on live.

In any case, as to the debate itself, romney looked good because obama looked bad. One begets the other.

Was it strategic? Was it on purpose that maybe obama wanted to see what platforms romney was going to be bullish for?

That way you size up the competition before you really get down and dirty. And politics are exactly that...dirty.

Win or lose...this has been a ping pong match for decades. It's time that we (US) get a new party leader in the white house. Problem is, the lesser parties like Green, AI (american independent), etc just dont have the funds to go up against the usual republican/democtats.

And it really is a gross misjustice of the political system when it is supposed to be anyone can win. Anyone with boat loads of $$$ to advertise that is.

Buying the election in a way is like buying exclusives. They are both timed and will at some point go the other way.

Knight_Crawler1930d ago

So this is what gaming journalism has come down to...the next gen needs to start ASAP because this is proof that the gaming industry has driven its self into boredom.

Kataku have really taken a noise dive looked who submitted this new...the PS3 goddess Mezzo.

-Mezzo-1930d ago

Don't get your panties in a bunch bro, this is just 1 guy whose experience turned out to be bad & he shared it, there are probably 1000's of other who had absolutely no problem.

Take a look at my submission history before accusing me of anything, i submit tons of stories everyday and more often than not i have absolutely no idea about what i just submitted.

It's funny that you think i only submit Pro-Playstation & Anti-Xbox articles.

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majiebeast1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Obama could moon everyone and he would still be in the lead Romney lost the elections when that video leaked. I wish we still had Herman Cain and Rick Perry those 2 were comedic gold.

BeAGamer1930d ago

notice your agree to disagree ratio

Megaton1930d ago

You can win any debate if the truth has no meaning to you. Dude just stood there smirking and lying the entire time. Bewildering as to why Obama didn't call him out on any of it.

At the end of the day, they're going to do pretty much the same thing if they were to get elected anyway, so none of this matters.

Psychonaughty1930d ago

So which lies are you talking about or are you just using hyperbole?

Megaton1930d ago

Mostly the parts where Romney's mouth was moving. You can pick any random news site and read about it. Except maybe Fox, but I think The Onion is probably a more legit source of news than Fox.

Psychonaughty1929d ago


I didn't think you had a real answer, who's lying now?

lonesoul651930d ago

the truth is in the eye of the beholder anyways...if you believe your lies...they are truth to you...

lastdual1930d ago

So it's objectively true that truth is subjective?

Psychonaughty1929d ago

Utter utter nonsense, if you really believe that I am scared for you...

lonesoul651929d ago

utter nonsense? so your version of truth is always everyone's reality? Sweet...there is a god!!!

Capt-FuzzyPants1930d ago

So you want me to trust the majority of the media in what they say except Fox News? Most media outlets are so biased you can't really trust a thing they say. If you do a little work for yourself and research you'd realize that Mitt Romney didn't lie like CNN, MSNBC, etc. said he was. Obama can't speak in public without a teleprompter or having a speech memorized. Romney actually knows his facts and he used them. Something Obama couldn't do.

But anyway, this article is more about games than the debate so we should all get bubbles down for goin off topic.

Megaton1930d ago

Yes, yes, it's you and Fox vs. the world. Fact checkers be damned!

LAZL0-Panaflex1930d ago

Im with you dude, you cant argue withna democrat though. They arent wired the same,...its like the logic, common sense, and thinking for themself, parts of the brain aren't connected. Watch howard stern makes a fool out of obama voters on youtube....he had obama voters thinking he was mormon, prolife, etc.

Baka-akaB1930d ago

Really ? When you spend most time criticizing your opponent and his works , over actually discussing your propositions , it's very telling imo .

Mind you i dont lean either way , as i'm not even american and living in USA . Just entertaining to watch unfold on my end

ChunkyLover531930d ago

Romney had way more he could have called out Obama on, like Obama stating he'd cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, otherwise in his own words he was a "One term President".

He's done nothing but complain, apologize and borrow from people while claiming he inherited a mess. If you are a firefighter going to fight a fire, you bring water, not gasoline.

Obama likes big Government, wants it in everyones life, running all aspects of it. Don't buy healthcare? get fined, eventually get thrown in jail...some America.

Disarm our Marines in hostile countries so were prone to terrorist attacks, then claim they were just random attacks on the 9/11 anniversary...cause were all just American idiots right?

Us small business owners cant build anything ourselves "We didn't build that" right?

He went to a church for 20+ years where the pastor was a huge racist and blamed white people for everything, then Obama says "I didn't know that". Like we are to believe in 20+ years you didn't know the pastor of your church was racist? GTFO!

Gas is at an all time high, he has no way of cutting it lower, wont drill anywhere else.

He does have an impressive list of accomplishments though.

Megaton1930d ago

Good lord. The way you needlessly and aggressively defend the Xbox from all threats, both real and nonexistent suddenly makes a lot more sense. You've got all of Sean Hannity's greatest delusional talking points down. A who's who of Politifact's "pants on fire"-rated comments. You're like an American caricature. The not-so-imaginary person at the butt of every anti-American joke.

The apology tour that never happened, the "you didn't build that" comment that was completely taken out of context, the gas prices that no president has any control over, the fictional disarming of Marines, and of course his Christian pastor of 30 years, one of my personal favorites.

"He's had a radical Christian pastor his whole life! BUT HE'S ALSO AN UNDERCOVER MUSLIM!"

The only thing I do agree with you on is the healthcare mandate, but I have been wondering why you guys hate it so much (other than the fact that it has Obama's name on it). It's a wonderfully Republican idea. Fascist capitalism. Government forcing money into the pockets of private sector insurance companies. Mitt Romney certainly doesn't have any problem with it, try as he might to run away from it now.

Lucreto1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Obama was a bit over the top saying that. Bit it is hard to reduce the deficit when republicans block everything he wants. Jobs bill help small business create jobs backed my economists. Nope republicans block it and say Obama is not doing anything.

He did inherit a mess. The huge debt of 2 wars and tax cuts and a under regulated economy doesn't just disappear over night. These are long term costs. It is hard to put a fire out if people refuse to let you get the water and water is a socialist agenda.

Obama shrank the government by 300,000 jobs in cost cutting. So you like insurance companies cutting cover if you get too sick and still expect you to pay.

I see you watch Fox News as everyone one and their dog knows Fox edited that out of context. How did you miss out? Did you build the road to get to your business build by the government? Did your employees attend public school paid by the government? Did you make your own power to light your building? Government provides services to help business even some you don't know about.It was like the that politian I can't remember his name. I didn't need welfare even when I was on food stamps.

You would be surprised people who hear racist comments don't end up racists themselves. Racist parents kids don't turn out racists all the time. If he was Racist we would have had 4 years to see the signs.

Gas will never get any cheaper again. The government gives oil companies billions in corporate welfare in exchange for cheap oil someone it not living up to the agreement. Oil imports are down, domestic production highest in 9 years. Obama doesn't have control over gas price just look up the fox news article from 2008.

Obama's accomplishments


Lucreto1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )


Obama has dabbled in it for sure but nothing came from it anyway the biggest threat was SOPA and Obama was against it. Didn't fact check this but it was a republican bill.

Rick Santorum wanted to bans all Porn from the Internet and Arizona made a law that would criminalize being lewd/annoying on the Internet.

That are the ones I could find quickly.

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TheDivine1929d ago

VS Obama who said he would end the wars when he escelated them? Said he'd close Gitmo and didnt? Said unemployment wouldnt rise over 8% when it did? Who says the countries shit because rich people only give a few million dollars verus the zero to a couple thousand average people pay? Sorry, how is someone who paid 1000 TIMES the amount i paid not paying their fair share? He is the king of liars whos mission is to divide the country. They have more than you do so you should hate them. Maybe they worked harder than me and you, maybe they built a company from the ground up over 40 years? Your a pothead highschool dropout who works at McDonalds because someone else is successful? How does that work, please explain. The guy is a lying snake who had to threaten, bribe, and find loopholes to pass a bill NOBODY wanted. Hell the most liberal state in the country voted in Republicans so Obamacare wouldnt get through, got voted down, and then he passed it without going the normal route. Yea Obama is a swell guy. /S

Not even mentioning the trillions he spent on nothing. Cant believe people would vote for a guy who broke every campaign promise he made again, much less defend him.

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CandyCaptain1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Here ya go.

It's actually being covered all over the net, the fact that you have no idea what Megaton is talking about is astounding.

Edit: Meant as a reply to Psychonaughty

lastdual1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Both of those editorials are from very left-wing sources, with some of the "lies" being a bit of a stretch (ex: extending the Bush tax cuts = lying about not cutting taxes according to the NYT article).

I don't trust any politicians, but putting faith in clearly biased editorials is just as bad.

CandyCaptain1930d ago

Alright then, here is the most unbiased source you can get on earth. Everyone here can read it and decide for yourselves.

lastdual1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

That's actually a good, balanced resource (MUCH moreso than the previous ones). I agree that everyone would do well to give it a look, as it details the exaggerations stated by both sides.

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