Looks Like Xbox Live Is Down For Some People

Kotaku - For the second time in less than a month, Microsoft's online service for the Xbox 360 appears to be experiencing problems affecting a broad swath of users.

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joeyisback2026d ago Show
hennessey862026d ago

Problems, it's saying its my nat type but I no it isn't

ChunkyLover532026d ago

I write this comment from IE on my Xbox dashboard!

aviator1892026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I'm currently on Live as well. No problems from my end in Texas. And the usual number of my friends are online as well.

Edit: It may have been down prior to the approval of this submission, but the xbox live status is green-lit apart from the crackle app so it should be fully working now for whoever had any problems. -

AngelicIceDiamond2026d ago

I signed in just fine to.

Nice weather we're having in TX I must say.

Locksus2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Well, I'm having no problems but really, Microsoft? Is this what people pay 50 euros a month for? The least I expect is a stable connection.

Sorry, I meant to say 50 euros a year.

Blankman852026d ago

Tell me one paid service that never experiences any hitches whatsoever.
I'll wait.
I was under the impression that the media didn't report xbox live downtimes. Well at least thats what you hear on n4g everytime PSN is down, that the media is biased and makes a big deal bout every PSN outage only.

Locksus2026d ago

"Tell me one paid service that never experiences any hitches whatsoever." Was not my point. I still expect a good stability of the service if I'm paying for one.

Anyways, not a big deal for me as this doesn't affect me but thought I'd just share what I think about it.

turnerdc2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Yeah, because we live in a perfect world where nothing ever goes wrong with servers, electricity, software, and employees. And to think, all those cell phone carriers that experience service outages occasionally (all of them) are charging people 60 - 100+ dollars a month.

aviator1892026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Dude, nothing comes without some hitches. Things go wrong due to complex tech in a potentially unstable environment where numerous external factors are in play. If we lived in world where everything worked perfectly and experienced no technical glitches or set-backs, oh my what a world that would be.

This Live outage lasted for a mere 3-10 minutes according to some people over on the forums and kotaku posts. Are you telling me that waiting such a short amount of time is so grueling?

Getowned2026d ago

well, you get what you pay for.. lol jk... no, seriously I know how hard it sucks to come home from a hard day of work/school and be confronted with a downed network.. at these times I normally quote Darth vader "NOOoooOOooooOOOOOOOOoooo oo"

and than I sit in a corner rocking back and forth like a crack addit going through withdrawals.

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Ben_Grimm2026d ago

Wow a lot of Kotaku articles being approved on n4G at the moment.
Why the change of heart for this website?

Anon19742026d ago

When have Kotaku articles not been approved on n4g?

Ben_Grimm2026d ago

A lot of posters on here were calling for a ban of Kotaku for some reason.

But so far we have had at least three submitted today.

vividi2026d ago

this comment is pathetic LOL , people dont have more interesting things to do?

CernaML2026d ago

Seriously. Ben_Grimm's obsession on trying really hard to prove that this site is some Sony fanboy haven is really pathetic.

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