Anti-adiction organization want to limit how long one can play videogames

"Gameadiction Norway" wants limitations for how long people can play videogames in one sitting.

- My son was so adicted to World of Warcraft that he played for 16 hours a day. In the end he had one choice. Stop playing. Or commit suicide. And I`m glad he chose to stop playing, says Åse Mette Østland, from "Gameadiction Norway".

She thinks a message on the loadingscreen like in Metal Gear Solid 4, where it says "You been playing for several hours, time for a break?". Or that your character get`s weaker and more in need for a break like it is implimated in World of Warcraft in China, could help against gameadiction. She wants gamedevelopers to implement such messaures in their games. Especially in online RPGs.

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Publicglutton2058d ago

You have to be a sandwich short of a picnic in the first place to want to die or harm anybody over a videogame."Stop playing. Or commit suicide", see my point!

HammadTheBeast2057d ago

Considering they call themselves "Gameadiction" they can;t be all too bright.

One thing that should be limited is use of money for pointless and just stupid goals.

SnakeCQC2058d ago

limit how much fast food and alcohol one can consume first

Spenok2057d ago

Seriously. How can they even say this before something such as alcohol. Hell, I can wager a bet and say knives (such as pocket, hunting etc...) that people buy from their local Walmart are the cause or more deaths than video game "addiction."

These people are simple.

tachy0n2058d ago

too bad for console players since they cant edit the files on games, on the PC sure it will have mods or hacks to remove all that BS.

Mottsy2058d ago

thinking for yourself is so over rated.

lashes2ashes2058d ago

How is a message going to stop people from playing to long? If you play to the point of almost dying there is something extremely wrong with you're brain and you need serious mental health treatment. Playing for that long is way past addiction. I have had friends with major drug addictions and they did not even spend that amount of time just feeding there addiction.

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The story is too old to be commented.