Mass Effect 3 - Retaliation DLC Trailer


The Collectors are headed to Mass Effect 3s multiplayer along with new hazards and more.

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TekoIie1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Now this looks awesome! :D

Question is how much will it cost? Doesnt look like the previous DLC packs since this is offering a New enemy, new maps and new classes so I doubt it will be free.

zeal0us1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

"Available at no additional charge"

It was under October 9 at the end of the video.

TekoIie1665d ago

Lol silly me didnt notice XD

+bub for helpful :)

jb12761665d ago

Probably be too busy with Dishonored to play it Oct 9th but will surely d/l :D

STICKzophrenic1665d ago

For as bad BioWare messed up the ending, they have given A LOT of MP content for free. The MP is awesome as and addicting as well.

HellFeast1665d ago

Maybe in the Omega DLC a crazy cerberus scientist found a way to clone the collectors and use them as a private army.
That woul be cool HE HEE HE HEE