Stigma around PS Vita could be driving away devs

"When developers I know hear that I am working on a PS Vita project, because of those sales numbers, their typical response to me is 'Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.'"

- SCEA veteran and Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment's Jim Buck (Snapshot, pictured) remarks on PS Vita's troubling hardware sales so far, and the stigma of creating games for Sony's handhelds.

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GalacticEmpire2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Sonys 'slow and steady wins the race' tactic means they have reliable, near-future proof, quality hardware. However, with that comes cost and an initial cost to the consumer translates into slow but steady sales performance at launch.

Sales, of course, pick up after price cuts but the damage to the peception of the console has already been done, with many writing it off before it has a chance to shine.

If only the economy were in better shape you'd have more devs willing to take a chance on new hardware. I find some of the best new exclusive IPs are created as launch year games for new systems and, while they may not sell as well as they would if they came out later in the consoles life, they open the door for sequels and spin-offs that can take the franchise to new heights and even break into the mainstream.

miyamoto2056d ago

Sony PlayStation needs a reinvention like Apple.

Remember Apple kicked out Steve Jobs its co-father like Sony kicked out Ken Kutaragi the father of PlayStation from SCE?

Crazy Ken needs to come back to Sony continue his vision and reinvent his baby. :-)

andibandit2055d ago


Not just the playstation product, the entire Stony corporation needs a reinvention.

GribbleGrunger2056d ago

Stigma? Now I wonder where that so called stigma is coming from?

Ult iMate2055d ago

Do you mean it comes from tons of endless hysterical doom articles for the last six or seven years? Then I agree.

GribbleGrunger2055d ago

Yes. Sony aren't guiltless though; they have managed their marketing campaign badly... but in general, the only reason Sony has this so called 'stigma' is because of the media (particularly American media). A migrating dollar is an anathema to a country in economic decline.

Anon19742055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

What always makes me shake my head is there are so many articles quick to trumpet the Vita's "doom" based on slow sales (and more than a few before the Vita even launched) but never do they tell you what they're benchmarking this against or what would constitute "good" sales.

Based on Sony and Nintendo's figures, since the Vita became available worldwide until the end of June it moved roughly 2 million units. During that period, the $80 cheaper 3DS moved about 2 1/2 million units. No one is complaining about 3DS sales for this period, so we must assume that the media is happy with 3DS sales, but we know that the Vita is in trouble, because they keep telling us so.

So my question to the games media, and those who think the PS Vita is in deep trouble, what number during that period would have been acceptable to you? I'm not saying the PS Vita couldn't be selling better, and obviously it's not going to sell the same as the much cheaper 3DS sold during that period, so would an extra 100k make the difference between "doom" and "it's going to be ok"? 200k? Where's the line between "doom" and "ok"? It's a legitimate question that I haven't seen anyone in the games media address while they're moaning about how poor Vita sales are.

Veneno2055d ago

"Oh,I'm sorry to hear that"? Wtf kinda response is that? Being a game dev isn't prison. This guy obviously made a conscious decision to develop a game for the playstation Vita platform. Whats there to be sorry about? Obviously this dev has alot of imbecile friends and talks to alot of imbecile people. If i had to choosemone platform to develop a game for in this time and moment, I would choose the Vita because its the most exciting. Its the most powerful mobile gaming device ever made.

Sanquine902055d ago

Maybe a price drop ASAP and so good first party games as soon as possible:D

( owner of 2 vita's)

vikingland12055d ago

I got a good deal on my Vita. I bought mine at GS and got madden 13 with it plus a 25 dollar gamestop card which I used to purchase Sony Vita ear buds and screen protector. Not quite a price drop but still a good deal.

Sanquine902055d ago

Disagrees , Disagrees everywhere

saoco2055d ago

well it doestn help that the yen is stronger than the dollar. many Jap businesses have this problem.

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