Tales of Xillia Interview: Namco’s RPG Series Gets Bigger and Bigger

Posted by Fred Dutton // SCEE Blog Manager -

Good news for anyone who’s been enjoying Namco Bandai’s enormous JRPG Tales of Graces F since its launch back in August: its immediate successor, Tales of Xillia, is on its way exclusively to PlayStation 3 in 2013.
We’ve struggled our way through an hour or so of the original Japanese version, which launched overseas back in 2011, and the 13th entry in the long-running series brings with it a number of significant new innovations for the much-loved franchise. Duly, we took the time to check in with producer Hideo Baba while in Tokyo last month to find out exactly what fans should expect.

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Relientk772082d ago

Can't wait until this comes to the U.S.

mi_titan272082d ago

I agree ive just gotten into the Tales of games and im excited for this one as well

Yi-Long2082d ago

... then they should start adding the option for the original voices!

I'm not buying any of these games as long as they're english-dub only. I want the original voices with english subs, and many weaboos like me feel the same way.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2082d ago

So you wouldn't buy an insanely good game because it doesn't come in a language you don't even understand? That's what I call stupid. Personally, I don't mind subs, but if the dub isn't shit (ala ToGf had an awesome english voice over) I would gladly take it in my native language.

Yi-Long2082d ago

... that hopefully DOES have the original voices as an option.

I honestly can stand horrible english dubs. And yes, the majority of the english dubs ARE horrible.

Ruggadagod2082d ago

Oh yes more tales. They are so damn fun.