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Submitted by Zacman9000 1223d ago | news

PS Vita Gets a Slew of Classic Games

HardReset reports on the new PSone games now available for the PS Vita on the NA Playstation Network. (PS Vita, Tag Invalid)

GribbleGrunger  +   1223d ago
I don't think that 'alone' the PS1 classics are a killer feature (I'm paraphrasing here. This isn't exactly what the author says) but slowly and surely, the Vita is becoming more visible to those that may well have passed it in the street without noticing.

What I think IS significant is the whole package. One feature alone can make a small difference, but many small features together can make a big difference. I feel it's remiss for articles to focus on only one particular feature without putting it into context.

PS1 games are 'beloved'. A strong word but nevertheless true to a huge majority of the gaming public. Older games bring back memories and take us back to when we had little to worry about other than finishing our tea and scooting off to a quiet corner to lose ourselves in a world of sprites and chunky polygons. Nintendo fans know this feeling all too well, which is why I have respect for them.

But, like I said, you can't just look at that feature in isolation. There are other compelling reasons to own a Vita (putting the multimedia and online infrastructure to one side). We now have PSMobile, another compelling reason to dig this joyous chunk out of our pockets. These iOS experiences lend themselves perfectly to the commuter; the person who may otherwise leave the Vita at home and settle for a phone for their fix.

Then you have PSP games. Many of these games look and play better on the Vita than they did on the original hardware and, although I think some are overpriced, they are yet another compelling reason to own a Vita. These games still have an air of nostalgia about them. Perhaps not as powerful as PS1 classics but there nonetheless. Many people crave that genuine JRPG experience and the PSP has those people well and truly covered.

It has been said that the Vita lacks content... I can't help but wonder why, especially after the previous paragraphs. But even taking Vita games alone, that charge doesn't seem warranted. When I go to PSN I see a plethora of diverse games, some unique, some variations on what has gone before and some straight ports, but I never feel the Vita is lacking. Why is it only Vita owners seem to understand this?

There is also cross-buy and cross-play, which on the face of it is quite remarkable. It would have been so easy for Sony to just expect gamers to purchase one or the other (or both) but instead they've decided to give us 'both' versions for the price of one. Would any other company have done this? Even if only a handful of games utilise this option, it's still better than nothing.

I would have added remote play but I don't feel it's been supported sufficiently just yet to justify adding it here. We may see an increase over time of course, and it IS another plus -- albeit a small one at the moment.

So, it's not one or the other feature that makes the Vita more compelling my the week, it's the steady drip of added incentives that makes me more than happy with my purchase, and with a sterling line up of Vita exclusives heading our way this year, I see no reason to worry now or for the future.
360ICE  +   1223d ago
I agree with what I read :P
Zacman9000  +   1223d ago
I agree with you 100%, Since this was a news piece it was stuck mostly to dealing with the new PSone games, however HardReset does have other articles about the Vita as a viable system and makes many of the same points. I expect there will also be more in the future!
Hicken  +   1223d ago
I think it's odd how people bringing down the Vita always want to focus on one thing at a time and say, "X isn't enough. It needs more."

As if the rest of the alphabet isn't just sitting there right in front of their faces.

People keep talking about systems needing a "killer app," and I think it's ridiculous. There is no one game or feature on ANY console- home or handheld- that makes EVERYONE want to have that console, but that's what a killer app is supposed to be. I wanted a Vita, but getting my hands on Gravity Rush solidified that purchase for me, regardless of what else was coming out. But I know Gravity Rush isn't that for everybody else, nor do I think it SHOULD be.

Looking at the Vita, its "killer app" isn't any one thing. It's EVERYTHING.

Remote play.
Cross play.
Cross buy.
PSV library(naturally).
PSP library.
PSOne library.
Various apps.
PS Mobile.

It's hard to look at the total package of the Vita and say it's NOT worth it, yet somehow people do.

I don't get it.
GribbleGrunger  +   1223d ago
Yes, that was very much my point. Whenever anything about the Vita is discussed, it's discussed in isolation. The Vita represents the sum of it's parts, not the whole of one part. By doing this the sites are able to set their arguments up with a 'perceived' validity because the conversation that ensues only takes that one element into consideration.

Once you step back and view the whole picture, the Vita looks completely different. That's why I asked: 'why is it that only Vita owners seem to understand this?'. From an outsiders perspective the Vita has very little because they are being constantly drawn to those separate parts, but Vita owners live with all of those parts daily and realise the greatness of its whole.
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wastedcells  +   1223d ago
Reggie would disagree, he said social features are wii u killer app lol. But all jokes aside I agree, one feature doesn't make a consoles killer app. it's the features all working together with some great games that make it special.
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GhostHero333  +   1223d ago
I am happy about Gex 3 and Chrono Cross but where is my LEGEND OF DRAGOON!
wastedcells  +   1223d ago
Do people still not know that if you download ps1 games to your ps3 you can transfer them to your vita. I keep seeing games on lists saying they are now available that I have had on my vita since day one of the firmware.
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Zacman9000  +   1219d ago
This is true, but not everyone who owns a Vita owns a PS3. Personally my older brother owned one when I bought my Vita and has since moved out. I'm not saying it's the norm, but there are Vita owners without PS3's.

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