Is Blu-ray afraid of HD DVD's price point?

Matt Jansen from Tech.Blorge writes:

"Blu-ray has demonstrated nimble marketing tactics numerous times, but eventually every buyer's question becomes "how much does it cost?"

Though no stranger to snappy marketing tactics, HD DVD has found itself outmaneuvered by Blu-ray's slick integration with the PS3 and possible pocket-lining deals that brought in exclusivity agreements with studios."

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DJ3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Blu-ray (as well as HD-DVD) players cost a lot of money to build. In fact, players for both formats cost approximately the same amount to build. Toshiba is simply selling there players at a substantial $200 loss per player in order to get rid of stock before they shut down the format.

There's nothing for the BDA to be afraid of since HD-DVD's $129 price point is only nabbing it 28% of hardware sales (not including PS3).

Mr_Kuwabara3724d ago

This just comes to the conclusion that between Sony and Toshiba, Sony is a better/worthy company that the masses really care about. Toshiba's price drops don't seem to have such a grave effect on the war because the Sony brand is more recognizable to the masses/casual buyers.

Both formats are great, but Sony just keeps on killing Toshiba's format each week (Software and Hardware wise) and it has to be because of the brand in itself because damn; Toshiba is doing everything in there power and they still keep on getting crushed.

jackdoe3724d ago

Not only that, but even if the player costs less, if you have less content to play on it, would you buy it? Only two major studios are standing behind HD-DVD. Every other major studio has moved on to Blu-ray. That is a very important factor.

sonarus3724d ago

well consumers have chosen blu but sony needs to respond with a price drop with reduced cost in blu ray players they can definetly start droppin prices at least to 200. Now that toshiba is out of the picture there is less incentive for them to drop unless samsung comes out droppin prices

tordavis3724d ago

Consumers haven't CHOSEN Blu, they got it with their PS3. If the PS3 did not come with a Blu-Ray player, then what would the consumers be CHOOSING? The PS3 is the sole reason why Sony is winning the Hidef war. It's not name recognition or the fact that Warner left the HD-DVD camp. Most consumers don't know or care about studio business and politics. If that were the case, they all would have jumped over to HD-DVD when Paramount went HD-DVD exclusive. You know, Paramount/Dreamworks...Shrek? When consumers are ready to spend money on HD format discs and they go into the store and see an HD-DVD at more than half the cost of a Blu-Ray player, things may change. I think this is what Universal/Paramount/Dreamworks /Toshiba are holding out for.

If Sony name brand actually meant something, then UMD/Memory Stick/Minidisc/Betamax would all be standard formats.

MADGameR3724d ago

HDDVD CANNOT touch Blu Ray. Its standalone Blu Rays that are outselling the HDDVD stand alones. And IF they are counting it with the PS3 then it should also count for 360. MOST people will not buy HDDVD for 360 IF its counting because the 360 is NOT worth as much as the PS3.

Willio3723d ago

Blu-ray might be winning now but with the price drop, blu-rays will most likely to follow. For consumers, thats good. who cares who wins, the longer both stays battling each other, the lower the price.

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Anything but Cute3724d ago

So they lower the prices of blu ray also, and flush HD DVD out completely, instead of letting them live in the sewers a little longer.

bluhefner3724d ago

Its not like Blu Ray prices are gonna stay the same forever. The quicker the Hi-Def adoption the quicker the price Blu Ray falls. Which we should see a good Hi-Def boom 08/09 and beyond. Cant forget about studios like Universal and Paramount making a switch then prices should fall even faster. Just my .02 cents.

bohemian 233724d ago

Why drop prices when nothing is competing. If prices were dropping it would be happening now.

Mr Tretton3724d ago

Blu rays are not as expensive as people think if you shop in the right place

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