Unused GTAIV Website Introduction?

RockstarWatch reports, that they have found a video on the Grand Theft Auto IV website that appears to have been unused. They suspect it was an introduction to the website, similar to what the GTA3 website has, as it pans out to show the panorama you get when the site first loads. Anyway take a look and comment on what you think:

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xhi43694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

lol the taxi driver doesn't appear until the 9.5th second, where the car reacts slightly to the sudden wait of the driver. Funny lol You can see it clearer on the high res vid at the actual funny

k2d3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Hope they iron out that pop-up issue before launch.
That high-def video really gave off a nice Liberty City atmosfear though!

ngg123453694d ago

the grapihcs look awful.. So bad, that it could be considered last gen.

k2d3694d ago

When are you gonna learn that graphics aren't all there is to videogames? This game will easily give me 200+ hours of play time, and I wont have time to notice that this game isn't as graphically boasting as Crysis because I'll actually be having fun!

SUP3R3694d ago

Have you ever looked at the official trailers??
This video was optimized for web use so the quality wouldn't be reflectant of the actual graphics in the game.
Look at the official trailers using your PS3 or 360(i don't know if it plays videos i'm assuming it can) and you'll see how the game will actually look on your television.
It's being highly praised by the journalistic gaming community.
Then again, 1 person out of 20 not liking the game isn't much to affect the overall projected sales figures for this title.

Cyrus3653694d ago

Go to website, much better quality version available there...

Zip3694d ago

Is definably retarded! Have you seen the videos? the Ai? ... well go ahead and do so, before biitching about a stupid intro video, wish wasn't even official used - why? maybe it was from a early build beta? maybe the developers noticed the bug? ect. ect. stop biitching you spoiled kids! or R* end up giving you nothing, and then you can sit outside the candy store and watch the adults buy sweet - but you wont even get a single piece of it

rareairtone3694d ago


aye dumbass once you see the scope of this game u'll b shutting your mouth and realizing that what they've accomplished is actually quite impressive. There's always haters but I'm getting tired of hearing these gamers complaining about the graphics, they're ignoring all the other efforts rockstar has put forth to make this a hell of an experience. if the gameplay and environment/ambiance tech were the same as last generation, then we'd have a whole bunch to complain about in terms of the graphics

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