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Preview: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is Sony’s answer to Super Smash Bros. - Canada.com

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at first glance, seems almost exactly like Nintendo’s extremely popular fighting game franchise, Super Smash Bros. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS3)

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dafegamer  +   779d ago
Huh tired of this " Sony doesnt have enough recognizable Characters articles" on N4g seriously. Since sony dominated the psone and ps2 era,how come that Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Kratos, and Sly cooper are not recognizable.
Gosh it doesnt make any sense. Also mostly he only mentioned characters from the mario franchise. Seriously guys just admit that mario characters and and Link are the only really recognizable characters nintendo have.Who is cpt falcon? who is marth? who is Falco? who is wolf? who is lucas?who is rob, who is pit? who is lucario?
At least Sony doesnt fill their game with 7 characters from one game. This excuse for not leting pasbr happen is seriously getting old
pat_11_5  +   779d ago
Show Mario to your grandmother and then show her Nathan Drake.

She'll know who Mario is but not Drake. That's all I'm saying.
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BlueandRed  +   779d ago
My Grandma wouldn't know either of them.
FanMan  +   779d ago
neither would mine. and what would that even prove? mario been around for 20+ years compared to nathan about 4 years.
dafegamer  +   779d ago
lol my grandma doesnt know who mario is but nice try anyways
MaxXAttaxX  +   779d ago
""I'm saying that they copied the proven, successful Smash Bros. Formula with All-Stars.""

And what formula is that???
The one were you make characters from different games fight on screen? Very mind blowing, especially since it has been done before and during SSB's time.

So I guess your grandma being able to recognize Mario or not is a defining factor here?
This game is mostly gear towards PlayStation fans, not Nintendo fanboys or Sony haters.
smashcrashbash  +   779d ago
Yes I agree fully. People talk so much crap and they don't even think about what they are saying. So many of SSB characters many people don't even know who they are.At least Drake and Kratos have have recent modern games on their side. Ice Climbers, Ness,Pitt and Game and Watch haven't been used in decades. They are even older then Parappa or Sir Dan.They just don't get it. If I asked anyone except a hard core Nintendo fan who Ness was they would draw a blank. I could more likely get an answer if I asked who Ratchet was. And for the last time SSB is not an original concept. PASBR can only be a blatant ripoff if SSB was an original concept in the first place. So if you must repeat crap at least call it a rip off of a rip off.
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duckieoro   779d ago | Spam
KUV1977  +   779d ago
"It’s obvious PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is almost a complete rip off of Super Smash Bros. If you showed the title to someone who really didn’t know much about video games, they’d probably think it actually was a Super Smash Bros. title."

Funny how someone who doesn't know a lot about videogames would recognize some 'obscure game' as a Nintendo title. Because even if someone never played a videogame he would be able to identify this game as a Smash Bros Rip off. Way to go to write an objective article.
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pat_11_5  +   779d ago
I get where you're coming from with this comment.

The point I'm trying to make though is that Super Smash Bros. has become a cultural phenomenon in some ways.

On our news desk, I'm pretty much the only person who plays video games and knows anything about gaming in general.

The other day I mentioned something about Smash Bros. Instantly probably about 50 per cent of our staff knew exactly what I was talking about.

So, take a screen shot of All-Stars and show it to someone who knows what Smash Bros. is. If someone didn't explicitly tell them it was a screen shot of All-Stars, I bet they'd think it was Smash Bros.

That's really the only point I'm trying to make.

Thanks for commenting.
False-Patriot  +   779d ago
>> The point I'm trying to make though is that Super Smash Bros. has become a cultural phenomenon in some ways. <<

KUV1977  +   779d ago
I see what you mean and I am not denying that All Stars was creatively influenced by Smash Bros but for me your argument is still invalid.

If I show someone Uncharted and then show them a screenshot from Tomb Raider they'd probably think it was Uncharted. If I show someone what Tomb Raider looks like and then show them a screenshot of Uncharted they'd probably identify it as Tomb Raider. Same goes for Tekken and Street Fighter, Need for Speed and Burnout, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Either someone knows his/her games or they don't. In which case I could sell anything as anything. In this case people would obviously mistake All Stars for Smash Bros just because one of them is out for longer. Now wait ten years and try the same thing again. I am not saying that All Stars will be huge but with the headstart out of the way there is a chance, however small, that people will mistake Smash Bros for All Stars and what would that tell about the game? They are similar in genre. That's about it.
MaxXAttaxX  +   779d ago
You provided no new information or insight in your highly amateurish article.
By your genius logic, every 1-on-1 2D fighter is a "complete rip off" and copy of Street Fighter, right?
How about every 3D fighting game. They're all just Virtua Fighter rip offs?
War FPSs?
Side scrolling beat em ups?
Turn based RPGs?
Racing games?
Is every TV a rip off of RCA's first commercial TV? (lol)

It's called a GENRE.

And why would we care what a non-gamer thinks a screenshot looks like?
Non-gamers were also shown a pic of GT5 and thought it was real. GT5 rips off real life confirmed.

It's a game for PlayStation fans with PlayStation characters, moves and stages for the fans. So what kind of meaningless point are you trying to make?
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False-Patriot  +   779d ago
Gameplay mechanics in Battle Royale and Smash Bros are different. Anyway, gameplay mechanics cannot be a rip off. So please, STFU Nintendo fanboys/Sony haters. Normal gamers are tired of your nonsence.
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maniacmayhem  +   779d ago
But the idea and execution is the same. Every game is compared to something that is popular, Halo clone, Gears clone, God of War clones or Mario Kart clone. All Stars is no different, it is being compared to SSB for very obvious reasons that everyone recognizes.
False-Patriot  +   779d ago
>> But the idea and execution is the same. <<
Yeah. So? The idea and execution is the same in many games. Battle Royale is special in that regard?

>> it is being compared to SSB for very obvious reasons that everyone recognizes <<
Then why is everyone not calling Forza being a rip-off of Need For Speed? The answer is obvious. Battle Royale is just an excuse for Sony haters.
SecretPsycho  +   779d ago
The obvious reason being that there is currently only one big 2d brawler popular at the moment
nintendo don't own the idea of a brawler and they weren't even the ones to create it
maniacmayhem  +   779d ago
"Battle Royale is special in that regard?"

Every game that has elements from SSB has been compared to SSB and SSB is the most popular fighting type of its genre. So BR gets no special treatment.

"Forza being a rip-off of Need For Speed?"

But it is and always compared to GT correct? Isn't Forza MS's answer to GT? We see the comparisons all the time. The answer is not the Sony Haters, people need to look at this with open eyes and not be offended by such trivial matters.

Will BR being a rip off diminish your enjoyment of the game?

Edit...Did I reply to you or did I put this in a new post? BAH!
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smashcrashbash  +   779d ago
Yeah only modern gamers think that SSB was an original concept.As long as we all pretend that no other game existed besides every deluded SSB fanboy is happy and they casn keep calling PASBR a rip off.You must never burst a fanboy's bubble or he may attack and rip your throat out.
TheDivine  +   779d ago
Its cause Nintendo practically invented the genre just like Mario Kart. There are brawlers but they all look and play differently. This a reskinned SSB game with Sony characters. Its like LBP Kart, Sony trying to fill the MK void, Wipeout to F-Zero, LBP to Mario, exc exc.

I personally think its tasteless and pointless since you cant out Nintendo Nintendo. They have nostalgia and charm on their side. Sony shouldve made their own character fighter however they wanted to and made that into a cultural phenominon as someone put it. Dont copy and paste be creative. LBP was a creative take on 2d platformers. This is not. They couldve made something awesome and core for the longtime sony fans. I mean what if MS made a game that looks and plays EXACTLY like Uncharted or LBP? The Sony fans would have a nuclear meltdown of epic proportions. They would call it plagerism but they defend it here. Idk its just such a ripoff and not in a good "oh we love it and took inspiration" way its the clone it and rebrand it way.

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