Sins of a Solar Empire - Games Radar Review

"With most RTS games shifting towards fast action at the expense of real strategy, it would be an unforgivable sin for a strategy fan to pass by this game on the shelf and not pick it up."

You'll love:

+ Epic space battles
+ Bribing pirates to attack enemies
+ Strategic gameplay

You'll hate:

- Extremely long games
- Steeper-than-average learning curve
- Lack of a single-player story campaign

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wageslave3781d ago

Bring it on. I love a game that is worthwhile spending time to learn and get good at.

JsonHenry3780d ago

I was kinda bummed out about the missing single player campaign myself. The games are LONG. And I mean LONG. I spent six hours yeseterday on just a small star system and still did not beat it yet when I was forced to save and turn the PC off.

Daz3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Now moaning about long games lol, whats next?. Have they ever herd of save and yes you can save a mutiplayer game.

Didnt take me long to lern must be hard for them.

Yes it hasnt got single player campaign but theres 120 galaxy level, which will take long lol and manging playing that online with friends.

Lumbo3780d ago

The missing single player story campaign is a bummer, oh well, the game itself looks promising. At least it seems to be a good SF strat game again.