Will Grand Theft Auto IV help Xbox 360 beat PS3 in 2008?

Dave Parrack of Gamer.blorge writes: There's no doubt that one of the biggest games releases due this year is that of Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest in the best selling Rockstar franchise. The question is, will the game make any difference to the console sales war currently being waged by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo?

GTA IV has been the most talked about future release on the next generation consoles almost since the day it was announced. The game will be coming out on both the Xbox 360, and PS3 in a simultaneous release in April. Although the Wii will be missing out, that doesn't mean it's immune from the effect the game could have on hardware sales.

But gamers are a savvy bunch, so will buy a console based on more than just some exclusive content being available (at a price) for one game. A game which is also available on a rival console, and so not an exclusive in the same way that Halo is.

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Violater3539d ago

didn't know it was exclusive and i thought that was supposed to be halo 3's job

Winter47th3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

What's good is we have sometime 'till April's here, so that means maybe 100.000 or more worldwide will have their console RRODing on'em, since they can't wait a month or two for the sh!tty repairing, the PS3 version will sound like a pretty good idea.

So no, it won't help the Xbox beat the PS3, especially with MGS4 will be just around the corner comes April.

Plus, I think a lot of people came to the realization that 2008's pretty much the year Microsoft shot'em selves in the foot when they went all guns blazing in 2007 and now they got nothing but multies and a few already sub-par exclusives.

Oh and before you say it, I'll play MGS4, GTAIV, Little Big Planet, Killzone2, Resistance2, White Knight Story, SOCOM: Confrontation, Tekken6, GT5 and Haze while i wait for an inevitable Alan Wake port, the only game I was lookin' forward to before i got lost amidst all the games I'm anticipating for the PS3.

Cyrus3653539d ago

didn't know what was exclusive? Only the DLC will be exclusive to 360, both games will be the same.

nicholascage243539d ago

exclusive DLC has been announced for x360. however we dont know if ps3 will be getting their exclusive content too.

gta is likely to favour the ps3 more than the x360 since it is something very much related to playstation brand

However gta alone cannot fight gt5 mgs4 and ff13 . gta is also multiplatform meaning it will not gear up support for a particular console. if it moves console then it will move both ps3 and xbox

MikeGdaGod3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

if Halo 3, ME, and Bioshock couldn't beat the ps3......a $30 price drop and GTA4 with dlc that comes out 6 months later that you have to pay for won't help much either.

MS shot it's load too early.......checkmate

everybody's talking about what's coming out this year, but sony has it on lock for the next few years. i'm already pumped up for 09' (God of War III, maybe FFXIII, FFXIII Versus, Twisted Metal......). sony is killing the next few years.

games4fun3539d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

everyone already beat me to commenting
and scottie i hope XIII debuts at the end of 08 but if it doesnt ill just get white knight story to tide me over till then

also i am personally more excited for versus it seems like the bad ass version but ill just buy both anyway

LastDance3539d ago

I cant believe the garbage that comes out of That microsoft reps mouth...

No wonder There unit is a faulted piece of hardware.

AzaziL3538d ago

GTA IV will boost sales of both systems, the 360 will receive the initial boost due to hardcore gamer sales especially those getting it on the 360 just for the extra content. The PS3 will benefit by actually having a killer title finally to play on it, a game many will recognize and now people will not be as hesitant as before to buy one.

I say the 360 will win only because of the lower price point, that strategy so far is working, especially during times of economic fears and recession, people will be willing to do almost anything to save an extra dollar, even own a Xbox 360 (dum dum dummmmmm, I'm just kidding fanboys, don't get ya panties all up in a bunch).

I own both consoles and see flaws in both so I could care less who wins (the 360 has no quality, the PS3 has no games), I'm rooting for PS3 because it's technology makes the 360 seem inferior but the damn thing is too expensive still and will always be until they can embark on their old strategy (the one M$ is using) of having the cheapest console on the market.

nicholascage243538d ago

gta will help nether xbox nor ps3 in gaining a comparative advantage. If it boosts sales then it would do it for oth consoles. It is just exclusives like mgs4 kz2 and ff13 which will give the ps3 advantage and perhaps decide the console war for them.

question of winning with gta4 doesnt arise as it will help both ps3 and xbox 360. rather it might help ps3 gain slight advantage.

ms mst think about countering the ps3 AAA exclusives(gt mgs4 ff13) which are definite million sellers worldwide

GIJeff3538d ago

you beat me to it. :)

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PStriple7033539d ago

um...halo3 counldn't beat the ps3 in 07

BloodySinner3539d ago

...but it sure kept it in 3rd place.

Violater3539d ago

official sales figures indicate otherwise now don't they.

mullet3539d ago Show
mikeslemonade3539d ago

Blood Sinner, Halo 3 couldn't keep 360 in 1st place after 1 year headstart so what's your point? And GTA4 won't have a bigger impact than Halo 3. In fact i'd be shocked if it even does half of the impact.

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darkshiz3539d ago

They act like GTA4 is exclusive lmao.

mikeslemonade3539d ago

What do you expect? They're all blind and shortsighted.

Stubacca3538d ago

Give them a break. They've no other actual exclusive games to go on about so this exclusive cost-ridden exclusive content for a single game means a lot to them.

I wish I could get it for the PS3 but I think it's crazy you gotta pay for the stuff! Soon, you'll buy blank discs and just download the whole game...

Spike473539d ago

So I don't think a multiplatform game no matter how pupular can save the xbox360 or help it defeat the ps3 in 2008.

Anything but Cute3539d ago

I think PS3 has the much better games in 2008.

But GTA4 is still the biggest release of 2008, And Microsoft is talking smack already about how they will own the launch.

People are gonna buy an XBOX 360 because they get some extra GTA IV missions?

Intead of buying a PS3 because they get GTA IV, Metal Gear Solid, Killzone 2, Final Fantasy XIII.

Sony better be ready to advertise and market the PS3 around GTA IV also, they have every bit as much right to that game, it's not exclusive to 360.

So Microsoft can go suck it.

SUP3R3538d ago

I hope Sony launches a sort of PC vs Mac commercial
That would shut the 360 down with their GTAIV DLC ramblings.