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Front Towards Gamer Radio’s Wednesday Traffic Chopper 127: Spot of the Big Piggies

Hail, hail, rock and roll! Another week, another Front Towards Gamer Radio’s Wednesday Traffic Chopper to get you over the humpday!

This week, Gamergirl and Shanghai welcome on host of FTG’s Gametwerp podcast and now tested stand-up comedian Tony “ChaingunPope” Wilson to cover down on third chair duties. ChaingunPope talks about his Borderlands 2 glitched save and tells the world that he’s cheating on us with another website for money, Gamergirl actually talks about the spiritual successor to Angry Birds, the cash grab called Bad Piggies, while Shanghai Six can’t stop screaming about Borderlands 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox “reward” program. (Bad Piggies, Borderlands 2, Culture)

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