3 Massively-Hyped Games That Look Completely Average

After getting hands-on with a number of eagerly-anticipated titles at Eurogamer Expo, Jacques Voller explains why three of gaming’s most hyped up-and-coming experiences really don’t seem anything special.

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Mad_Mack1783d ago

The Expo this year was for me (barring a few stand out games) an utter snooze fest. I really do worry for innovation in the industry.

zeeshan1783d ago

Inclusion of the upcoming Tomb Raider game in that list is shocking! Did the author suffer a head injury or something? I know to each his own but seriously, this is the first Tomb Raider game in years that in its first presentations attracted me. This is coming from a guy who has played only two TR games and didn't bother to finish it (back when it came out). This one though looks fantastic!

jagstatboy1783d ago

It does look great....For a Tomb Raider game. Problem is, it's been done before as it looks like a female Nathan Drake/Uncharted game. That said, it looks good to me and I like Uncharted so I will probably buy it.

Legion1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

@jagstatboy "Problem is, it's been done before as it looks like a female Nathan Drake/Uncharted game."

Did you just say that Tomb Raider has been done before and it looks like a female version of an Uncharted game?

I just have to laugh.... hahahahaha

guitarded771783d ago

I disagree with all three of the games on the list. The gameplay I've seen of both Hitman and Tomb Raider looks really fun, and PSABR will be multiplayer heaven for Sony junkies like me. Only issue I have is PSABR, Wii U and CoD:BlOps2 all come out within a week of each other, devastating my wallet. I already started paying everything off now, so I don't get hit with $600 of games and consoles right before Christmas.

RXL1783d ago

Tomb Raider was Uncharted...before Uncharted was Uncharted lol..

smh@ these kids...

but the problem with Tomb the gameplay problems and juxtaposition of a lot of the mechanics..

sikbeta1783d ago

Why is the pic of Battle Royale there? afaik no one is hyped for that game, just saying...

NiteX1783d ago

Sure TR started that whole Indiana Jones adventure I agree. But cmon admit it, its FAR more like Uncharted now than it ever was before. If Uncharted had never been created this new TR would be exactly like the old boring ones.

Highlife1783d ago

@legion & RXL
I have played tomb raider as a kid and have to say that it doesn't play like uncharted. Tomb raider always had clunky controls and a very slow and boring pace. So I would say that the new Tomb Raider is more like Uncharted than Uncharted is to tomb Raider.


MaxXAttaxX1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

It's like none of you haters have played a Tomb Raider game before or Uncharted.

Tomb Raider was more of a puzzle heavy platformer.
Uncharted is more of an an action shooter. Gameplay mechanics are different.

"but treasure hunter = Tombs Raiderz derp".

Anyway, new Tomb Raider on the other hand, looks a lot more like Uncharted.
So guess who's copying whom now.

Frankfurt1782d ago

Older Tomb Raider had actual gameplay, unlike Uncharted, which plays itself half the time, with cinematic "gameplay" (running, automated platforming, etc).

camel_toad1782d ago

@Legion - I can't believe the amount of disagrees you got. Must be a lot of people on here that are too young to know Tomb Raider first showed up on PS1 looooong before Uncharted was even a thought.

GrahamGolden1782d ago

why surprised ?

this tomb raider is a pure uncharted clone
and dont tell me uncharted is a tomb raider clone...

Check the originals tomb raiders and check check uncharted and check the new tomb raider...see the difference ?

MariaHelFutura1782d ago

Ancient man was raiding tombs before Tomb Raider.

Highlife1782d ago

And your point. Played that game as a kid as well. Sorry just cause it is a treasure hunter game doesn't make them the same. Uncharted plays much different. I think you need to go back and play it again as your memory must be fading as you age.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

None of the games listed here are massively-hyped to me.

Any hype regarded to Battle Royale died down when it was revealed that the game will ship with the already revealed disappointing abysmal 20 character line-up. If you think the game looks 'completely average' that is your opinion. The game looks like it has a lot of depth to me.

I don't see any over hype for Hitman. If anything there is a lack of it and there isn't enough shown, at least for enough for me, in order to say the game looks 'completely average.'

Tomb Raider isn't "massively" hyped. I feel like it's moderate. The game looks pretty good to me from what I seen which is definitely above 'average.'

To each his own.

TopDudeMan1782d ago

Hitman should be awesome. It has to be.

showtimefolks1783d ago

tomb raider is still few months away i think it early 2013, what i have read of previews and seen is pretty good so not really hyped for it but will keep an eye on it

battle royal- disagree all you want but if some really wants this game to be all that than delay it and get everything right. Just to release it because we need exclusive games in fall 2012 isn't a legit answer. This game needs more development time

hitman-now this is one game SE have never really gone out and spoken about or shown bunch of previews. This is so under the radar. Hitman games were always for a select few and while this one is trying to expand its fanbase i don't believe it will succeed

doogiebear1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

I just starting getting into fighters again, but am a noob and knew i'd get owned if i joined the community this, i decided i'll get a game that is beginner friendly. So, I was on the fence between Playstation All-Stars and Persona 4 Arena. After much deep research, I had to go with Persona. PSASBR looks absolutely boring, is too slow, many beta players say it's a snore fest, plus the supers-for-kills system is much too anti climactic. The interview video's of the developers of PSASBR always featured that super monotone, lethargic, boring, no-personality-having guy (the African American guy who is the lead designer at Super Bot...I forget his name), man that dude is boring as all hell and his lack of personality (though he seems knowladgeable about fighting mechanics) is why PSABR is so boring looking, boring playing, and lacking in any charm (from what others say). Plus it has that bland lack of color. Blah! -_-

So far Persona 4 Arena has all the qualities that i'm looking for.

PurpHerbison1782d ago

Well Persona 4 Arena is actually a fighting game while All-Stars is a party game. Hope to see you graduate from P4A soon though.

Xof1783d ago

Kids like you have no business worrying about the future of the industry.

Trade shows aren't geared toward consumers, they're geared toward the industry. They're never very exciting, and never have been. The games that revolutionize the industry will come or not regardless.

the worst1782d ago

where halo4 that should be on the list too

Tenac871782d ago

Lol, Don't forget that no matter how average Halo is, Everyone's still going to freak out over it. Look at literally every other Halo.

inb4 1000 Disagrees and people telling me how wrong I am.

Optical_Matrix1782d ago

To all the people gunning the guy who said it looks like Uncharted with a woman, after playing it at Eurogamer, I can't lie, it did feel like that. Gone is the feeling of adventure and exploration the older Tomb Raider games gave.

You're funnelled through environments via incredibly Uncharted-esque set pieces and it all feels extremely scripted. I'm looking forward to it but it felt far too much like Uncharted than it did a Tomb Raider game.

GuyThatPlaysGames1782d ago

Honestly, how many "hyped" games were really graphical powerhouses?? Not many at all that I can think of. People worry too much on graphics these days and the main core of gameplay suffers because everyone just wants better graphics. Gameplay is what makes the game fun and keeps us coming back to it.

GenericNameHere1782d ago

There's still some innovation, but just doesn't come up as much. Look at Journey. It's only a downloadable game, but it's a new IP, just came out March of this year, and it's already one of the most acclaimed (from Ctitics and fans alike) games this year.

Now, I have a few ideas why there aren't a lot of innovation recently.
1. NO ONE BUYS THESE GAMES!! Sure, Journey is a new IP, and it became one, if not the fastest (not sure about that), selling games on PSN, but look at games like Sleeping Dogs or Darksiders II (not new, but still a relatively young IP). Well received, reviewers said there were problems but could easily be fixed in sequel, etc, and still no one bought these games. Everyday, we all bitch and moan about lack of innovation today, when it's our own fault, buying yearly games like Mario, Pokémon, COD, Assasins Creed, all selling over 2 Mil each, mind you, while Sleeping Dogs and DII barely makes that 500,000 sales unit. I'm guilty of this, so I blame myself for lack of want for innovation.

2. We are nearing the end of this gen... No, wait. We ARE at the start of a new generation, with the Wii U coming next month already (yes, deny it all you want, but the Wii U IS next-gen). Why make new IPs now, when next-gen is already here (and we all know some developers ALREADY have PS4 and Xbox 720 dev kits sent to them), and you have better tools and starting over on a new platform, where you can improve on your past games and start anew?

3. Maybe almost all the good ideas have already been taken? Gaming has been around for over 30 years. We're all bound to start seeing repetition here and there once in a while. It takes a while to think of innovation, and maybe this gen of consoles isn't ready for this idea you have, so you wait for a new generation and see if the technology is up to your original vision.

I myself don't mind the lack of innovative games the past few years. As soon as next-gen is available to a lot of people, then we will see the abundance of new and innovative IPs, THEN complain about the lack of them again, and rinse and repeat :D

givemeshelter1782d ago

Tomb Raider started it all...Uncharted was an evolution of Tomb Raider. TR is definitely taking cues from Uncharted now because of its success, however that's how this industry works.
But to say TR copied Uncharted? Only on N4G.COM

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IAMERROR1783d ago

Tomb Raider actually looks quite nice IMO

lastdual1783d ago

Yeah, and the author's main complaint about Hitman is that it doesn't hold your hand enough.

Apparently Hitman is supposed to give you big glowing indicators of every way to kill your target, because God forbid a game ask players to think creatively...

camel_toad1783d ago

Yeh I'd love to know the authors thoughts on Dark Souls. I love games that don't hold your hands - so tired of having to go through mundane 15 min tutorials at the start of a new game unless it's blended in well.

camel_toad1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

I think tomb raider looks good too but I totally disagree with the author that it's over-hyped. There are several games that are getting way more attention/hype than tomb raider and they don't all deserve it.

Sizzon1783d ago

I gotta agree with PSABR, I was hyped and wanted it first, now I don't think I will even buy it. It doesn't look that fun in my opinion and with characters like new Dante... pff, but yea theres still some goodies there tho like Parappa and Sir Dan.

And with only being able to kill or be killed by supers I dunno that seems to be quite boring after a while.

Carl_Shocker1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

You would think after years of wanting this game they would finally develop the game when they know they can secure certain iconic playstation characters who are now third party, not add characters which relate more to promotional reasons then what gamers want.

"And with only being able to kill or be killed by supers I dunno that seems to be quite boring after a while."

I have to agree a little on that, it seems fun and I applaude them on giving a game like this a new twist in gameplay but theres two things wrong with it.

1) People, especialy online, are obviouisly going to use characters which have an automatic level 3 finishing move which kills everyone on the screen for them instead of manualy or a one which has a chance to miss targets.

2) Watching the same level 3s over and over again, especialy when your against someone really, really good online who keeps getting them, your going to get more annoyed that the game is being stopped at certain points to show a small scene of your rivals character using his level 3...can you imagine seeing Heihachis level 3 with the rocket again and again and again.

Why couldn't they of added an OPTIONAL health mode like the one in The Outfoxies or Super Smash a health mode really that hard to put in the game. All you need to do is make sure the characters kick and punch again all deal the same damage so no one is gaining the advantage on basic attacks...then once and a while special orbs will drop on the field which will give you a Super attack ranging from your level 1 to level 3.

I main thing I hate so far is the third party support it's getting.

I think it's worse for people who have been waiting for years for this game, raised their expectations to the max and get this as the final product.

It's not a bad game, it looks fun and I will buy it but it could of been so much more. I really hope they will adress these things in the sequel.