DPAD Too Human Preview

Playing as the cybernetic god, Baldur, you are charged with defending against an onslaught of machines aimed towards wiping out mankind. The Norse Gods that exist in this game are actually cybernetically enhanced humans, who use cybernetic implants to become more like machines. Ironically, they're trying to stop machines who are harvesting human blood and limbs to become more human. The game is obviously inspired by Norse mythology, having members of the Aesir featured in the game. Some of the Aesir include: Thor, Odin, Loki, Mimir, Freyja, and Heimdall. Other then the vague plot they've given us, Silicon Knights has not given out much information due to the games epic story driven gameplay.

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jackdoe3756d ago

Lame preview. Didn't really go in depth about anything.


not even this game can save the xbox.its over.PLAY B3YOND!

Guitarded3756d ago

There is a story, there is gameplay, there are gameplay mechanics, Whether or not any of the previously mentioned elements are any good or not, we're not telling. No opinions, just the facts. Double checking to see if I'm on N4G... I am! Anyway... in the first sentence of the fourth paragraph of the article the author wrote as if to indicate that this is a second hand account of the game. "The action in the game[is said to be]very casual and fun," Correction: There is at least one opinion in the preview, though apparently a second hand one.