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GodisaGeek: "The challenge hits peaks and troughs throughout, but with way more of the latter, the hardcore gamers will often find themselves longing for something a little more taxing. That said, there’s an undeniable, off-the-wall charm to New Little King’s Story, whether you’re running around digging holes or fighting demonic cows (seriously, this happens). Overall it’s a more-than-adequate remake of an excellent game, and well worth a look for those who want to get something a little bit different out of their Vita."

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spok222061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Still considering buying this game but the reviews have been pretty mixed... Anybody have it? Is the customization on par to monster hunter?

Xof2061d ago

There is no customization, period. This isn't an RPG. IT's one of those Pikmin-esque games.

murkster-dubez2061d ago

There kind of is customization, you can change the weapons and armour of your royal guard.

spok222061d ago

so kinda like patapon 2 customization then?