Eurogamer Expo 2012: Our take on ZombiU

ZombiU the most wanted game on the Wii U and we got a chance to have a go at it. See what we thought about it.

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richierich2059d ago

That guy hasnt got a clue how to play this game

kyon1472059d ago

Yeah, but spose with a new console and a new way to play a game its to be expected.

mamotte2058d ago

" doesnt add to the whole permanent death idea"

A bad point in a zombie game, where the dead should remain dead.

kyon1472058d ago

I like the idea of the death mechanic but dislike the fact you don't really lose anything other than a bit of time.

If you can go back an collect all your gear, where is the fear in dying?

Neonridr2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Well think about it. If you died in a cramped space where there were say 2 zombies who surprised and killed you, when you return to that same spot you have the 2 zombies that killed you plus an extra zombie which was your former character.

I think it adds quite a bit to the game, in that dying can actually make it harder to progress through because you are creating more enemies for you to deal with.

kyon1472058d ago

Yeah that would be pretty cool for it to become harder and if you die too much you will have to deal with loads of your former self XD

mamotte2057d ago

It's not different from the many checkpoints that almost every game has these days. You dont even have to go back and collect what you had. You just respawn three minutes before dying without a scratch. In ZombiU you'll have to fight at least two zombies without equipment.

Way worse than a checkpoint.

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