Resident Evil 6 Review (Rely on Horror)

Rely on Horror, Jorge B. writes: "Resident Evil 6‘s Leon scenario is now my new favorite Resident Evil experience. My new favorite video game experience of all time. I can’t say the same for Resident Evil 6 as a whole, but Leon’s scenario is truly special. Those 8 hours provided the most memorable gaming experience i’ve had all year, and it resulted in a scenario that has dethroned Resident Evil 2 for me. The best thing is, there’s three other full campaigns in the game to tackle. But Capcom could’ve really left it at just Leon’s and I would’ve been perfectly fine."

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belac091330d ago

i agree, ive only played the leon campaign, and im not even done with it and its amazing. i would have paid the money just for leons and adas campaign.

ape0071330d ago

to be honest i liked the leon demo, the others were very disappointing

JakemanPS319941330d ago

i would say leon's campaign alone is worth it...i beat that in 7 hours. mercs is even better with the improved controls