Devil May Cry 4 - AceGamez Review

"Devil May Cry 4 is a stunning triumph of an action game that easily competes with greats like God of War II and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Capcom took everything that was great about the DMC series and amped it up through the roof - every level is as jam packed with stunningly directed cut scenes as it is with fearsome demons and brutal bosses, the varying locations and challenging enemies offering endless eye candy that betters almost every other action game I've seen thus far in the new generation, while both Dante and Nero sport some of the coolest weapons and moves you've ever had the pleasure of using to wipe out your foes. Some frustratingly hard bosses and disappointing recycling of locations and bosses only slightly mar what is a clear gaming classic. Just be warned; only seasoned DMC veterans should contemplate going straight in on Devil Hunter difficulty - Dante might be cooler than ever, but DMC4 will punish you if you don't know what you're doing... some things never change!"

Reviewed by Geoff Holland

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