Devil May Cry: how Capcom turned public opinion around

Plus, thoughts on the frames per second debate.

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Carl_Shocker2025d ago

...Sorry am I missing something here, when did they turn public opinion around, most DMC fans still think it looks crap

Jeez whats with all these DmC articles all of a sudden defending the game, think I went past three or four while scrolling through the Pending news page

brish2024d ago

I think it goes something like this:

"If you write a favorable article for our upcoming game we will buy advertising on your site"
- capcom

NewMonday2024d ago

"...Sorry am I missing something here, when did they turn public opinion around, most DMC fans still think it looks crap"


well said

LightofDarkness2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

"when did they turn public opinion around"

By having media outlets write articles like these saying they did, obviously :p

Seriously, when I think of Capcom now, all I see is some kid sitting alone in a sandbox, trying to make sandcastles and failing, then sticking his fingers in his ears and shouting "LALALALA" when anyone tries to help him or asks him if he wants to try to do something else, all with a confusing, contented smile on his face.

It was cute and funny the first few times, but now we've been waiting all day and everyone wants to go home, so we're all out of patience.

zerocrossing2024d ago

"Looks at comments bellow"

Yeah "public opinion" has really changed (raging blatant sarcasm)

This just goes to show how completely out of touch Capcom have become with their fanbase.

Gamer3452024d ago

Do you people like any games?, you piss and moan about everything

RE6 sucks
DMC sucks
Diablo 3 sucks
Mass Effect 3 sucks
Black Ops 2 sucks

why don't you just quit gaming you miserable sods, N4G is just a breeding ground of negativity and dumb fanboys

Lord_Sloth2024d ago

You labeled 1 great game. Maybe 2 depending on which version of DMC you're talking about.

And I'm neutral about Diablo 3 as I haven't played it. The other 2 are just plain dull.

I'll let you guess which 2.

HarryMasonHerpderp2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Resident Evil 6 does suck.
However I got to play DMC at Eurogamer last week and actually thought it was quite good.
People should play it before ripping it apart, I know you all hate it because of what they have done to Dante but just give it a chance guys it was a lot of fun.

Here come the disagrees! lol

LightofDarkness2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

So because people aren't automatically frothing at the loins over done-to-death franchises, each arguably offering the worst entry in their respective franchise to date, they should quit gaming?

There are plenty of great games and sequels besides those over-hyped examples of sequelitis to look forward to and play. Borderlands 2, Dishonoured, Bioshock: Infinite, The Witcher 2, Guild Wars 2, The Last Of Us, the list goes on and on. Just because they're not all marquee AAA titles doesn't make them inferior to the big games in any way, nor does being a AAA game from a long standing franchise protect you from criticism.

I'm still going to give DMC a whirl, I'm sure it'll be decent, but I'm also not exactly marking the days off my calendar until its release. It changes much about the series, long-standing fans who've played it have mixed feelings about it, so I will approach it with a degree of trepidation; excuse me if I'm not erecting altars and idols to herald its coming.

If you want to talk about dumb fanboys...

Carl_Shocker2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Yeah most of those games do suck or suck if you compare then to there previous instalment.

Can you blame people being nagtive around here, the gaming industry has become ugly over the years, if you sit back and take it then it will change quicker, if you voice your opinions it allows you to vent and maybe, just maybe despite where your comment it, the developer/publisher might see it and turn things around.


"I know you all hate it because of what they have done to Dante but just give it a chance guys it was a lot of fun."


We don't hate it JUST because of that reason...

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pecorre2024d ago

I came here to say the exact same thing. My opinion on the game never changed. Still looks like crap!

Whitefox7892024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

If people (Capcom) says it enough times, then it must be true....

Giru0172024d ago

Pretty much... I'm hearing/reading all these "DmC is now great -says the public" articles and, truth be told, neither in forums nor real life have I seen anyone's opinion change.
We still hate the new Dante and, if anything, with the recent Vergil trailer[s], I have even less interest in the game.

This along with the HOW GEMS ACTUALLY IMPROVE GAMEPLAY and INCREDIBLE NEW DLC articles for SFxT makes me think Capcom is shelling out big bucks to fool the general public into thinking that "everyone thinks this is now cool".

Carl_Shocker2024d ago

I wouldn't be honestly surprized if they pay reviewers off....if they knew it was going to happen to RE6 they would of done it but they were so cocky they thought the brand would automaticaly give it good scores.

They need DmC to get good reviews, it's vital to them and they will probably do anything to get them.

rezzah2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Be careful of the media, they are primary influence on public opinion.

If the media starts saying shyt like this often, you WILL see a change on public opinion.

People will change their views to fit the norms of the majority. Or at least those with weaker opposing opinions.

This in turn will make it appear as if the media was "right" all along.

Edit for repeated word.

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pompombrum2024d ago

Lol eurogamer.. fail more please seriously. Never had any reason to dislike them before but this obviously paid for article or pathetic attempt at free hits has made the site lose credibility in my eyes.

Only way Capcom will turn public opinion is if they market it to the twilight crowd and say Dante is in actual fact 40% devil, 40% angel and 20% vampire and a lost relative of Edward Cullen or whatever his name is.

IRetrouk2024d ago

Lmao, bubs that made me giggle

Smashbro292024d ago

The character design complaints go far beyond "he has white hair".

RivetCityGhoul2024d ago

are you kidding me the public opinion hasn't changed, its just some of the people that were against the game changed their mind as soon as they saw game-play mind you that its a very small minority of people. this game will fail in sales, call me hater i don't care. i mean DMC isn't as big as a brand as Resident Evil so don't expect the same here here cheers (I.E. RE6 ,4.5 mill units shipped) with DMC because that sure as hell isn't happening. you can take that to the bank. the fanbase is so disgusted with this game that its the reality this game will fail.

Giru0172024d ago

Exactly... Besides, nobody would hate on this game as much as we do if it wouldn't be called DmC... Check that, nobody would hate on it if the @#$%^ character wouldn't be called DANTE.

Ninja Theory's retarded comments like "Old Dante isn't cool anymore" don't help either of course. Who the hell do they think they are to tell us what is "cool" and what isn't? Cause a scrawny emo poser-punk twilight half-angel sure as hell isn't "cool" in my book.

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