DPAD Dark Sector Preview

Dark Sector has shown a lot of progress and maturation recently, compared to the vague details it had contained initially from its 2004 announcement to the Tokyo Game Show of 2007. There was a lack of information to go on, but now as we near the release an abundance of details have been revealed. The character and the storyline have mutated over the development cycle, in a similar fashion to the way Hayden Tenno, the covert operative you control, undergoes himself. In its current form you are headed into the European country called Lasria, where a strange disease has been manifesting itself and a fellow operative has disappeared. Your immediate mission is to investigate this deadly virus called the Technocyte and the Soviets who seem to be in control of it, but along the way you end up contracting the disease yourself, dramatically altering the storyline and gameplay from then on.

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permutated3693d ago

I don't know why I want this game so bad, maybe it was that string of interesting developer videos they released that really cemented in how hard they're working.

Anyhow, this game looks better and better every time I see it.

Hopefully it will be the sleeper hit of 08'


I do too. I think it's going to be a great game. From what I've seen, the only real challenge now is to get it to run smooth.