Things you probably didn’t think about while playing these games…

We’ve had our mindless button smashers and we’ve had our space operas but just how often do we stop and think whether it actually all makes sense? Just what is it all about? There used to be a time in gaming when the most absurd concept soared like an eagle. Let’s take a peek at some of our favourite games of past years…

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LightofDarkness2058d ago

Well, I can certainly explain DooM. You're part of the first squad to react to the crisis, of which there weren't many, because nobody imagined aliens or demons truly existed before this and the military are only really there to keep the peace. That is, there wasn't a strong military presence to begin with. Furthermore, they're on a moon orbiting Mars. This game's universe seems to view space travel in a more realistic sense, so sending reinforcements from Earth would take months, and from Mars it could be a day or more before they can scramble together even an investigatory party. The events on Phobos take place over a few hours, by which time the protagonist is transported to Deimos, which has been hijacked and sent to Hell through a dimensional rift, thus being far beyond the reach of anyone else.

And it's pretty obvious through the story that not every marine is as hardy and superhuman as the Doom Guy, as they are often slaughtered without difficulty in the background stories. Doom Guy's just a one in 7 billion bad-ass.

And that guy could be your co-op partner, if you so wish.

R3d3ux2058d ago

Usually I don't reply to comments but; good stuff there, nice explanation =)

MWH2058d ago

very good analysis, nicely written too.

Somebody2058d ago

Wasn't it hinted (I read it somewhere) that the Doom Guy might be the descendant of the Robo-Hitler killing soldier in Castle Wolfenstein? Might explain his hardiness and superhuman ability.

Larry L2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Exactly. I was going to point out some of that stuff, but you summed it up pretty nicely.

All the other bad-ass Marines were all the other players in the world, who you could play with or against online. But even those players really weren't the only soldiers.

The basic grunt, shotgun guy and chain gun guy were clearly all human soldiers who were "posessed" durring battle. Remember, there were dead bodies all over these levels before you even stepped foot on Phobos. Not just humans either, there were imp bodies lying around as well.

And off the subject of DOOM, the author was pretty far off on Mortal Kombat as well. A Realm had to lose TEN Mortal Kombat tournaments in a row for another Realm to be allowed to invade, not 3. Earth Realm had lost 9 in a row leading up to the first MK game. And it's perfectly logical in terms of the MK Universe.....those are the rules the Elder Gods set so Demi-Gods or mad despots couldn't just go from Realm to Realm taking control of them all without those Realms having a fighting chance. The MK3 Earth Realm Invasion was Shao Kahn blatantly breaking those rules, and (in ways I forget) protecting himself from The Elder God's wrath with the magic released through the ressurection of Sindel.

Ahhhhhh, geek facts. Gotta love 'em.

OpenGL2057d ago

Yeah I agree with this, especially as there are bodies of fellow marines throughout Doom to suggest that you aren't supposed to be the only one. Also the Atari Jaguar version of Doom released in 1994 supported co-op via the JagLink with two consoles and two copies of the game.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2058d ago

I'm pretty sure this guy just read that Cracked article from a few months ago...and decided to publish it under his own name.

R3d3ux2058d ago

Donkey Kong does indeed appear on the Cracked article. Maybe that's why I credited Steve Blair for his observations on the game?

Your accusation of plagiarism is an insult to both me and all the users of N4G.

All content undergoes a rigorous screening process before being accepted on N4G. If it's plagiarized it's not approved and not published. Simple. In fact such an article would promptly be reported prior to publishing and would never make it this far. See how it works?


Larry L2058d ago

Well, to be fair, there are MANY articles posted on N4G that imo are plagarising other website's work. How many articles come up on here just in the PS3 section alone, that take quotes garnered from PlayStation Blog interviews and developer replies as the basis of their stories while giving not actual credit for the info to the PSBlog? It's quite a few. As a daily PSBlog visitor, multiple time a week I seen an article on here and think "they just stole that from the PSBlog", and often times the Blog isn't credited.

Now, you gave credit to Cracked for that bit anyway, so there's no issue. But don't think n4g's "screening process" is any kind of bullet proofing against plagarism.

MySwordIsHeavenly2057d ago

What about the Pokemon and Doom parts? They did that, too.

pixelsword2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

"All content undergoes a rigorous screening process before being accepted on N4G. If it's plagiarized it's not approved and not published."

Ah, no.

While I agree that you have enough original content to call yours distinct, there are plenty of publishers that have been ripped-off. Tor Davis probably gets plagiarized more than anyone.

claud32058d ago

Very nice article. Its cool all them things you miss

MasterD9192058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

I had no idea that the invading MK characters were aliens to begin with. I just thought they were supernatural beings or some kind of alternate universe beings...interesting nonetheless.

And the Pokemon paragraph made me chuckle a bit considering I never realized how depressing the subject matter is. It is essentially the Hunger Games for pets/animals.

Edit: I never even noticed the 2nd guy on the Doom cover! Wow. Seriously, where is that 2nd guy?

KrimsonKody2057d ago

Most of the MK characters were from different planets/dimensions/realms, which made them "alien-like" to earthlings.
& some of their races operated as, what humans would call, aliens.
Like Baraka's race, for example. There are tons of Barakas.

t0mmyb0y2057d ago

Haah I had to google the Doom cover too. Never noticed him running up lol

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