343 Industries: Halo 4 and the untapped power of Xbox

GI - This generation of consoles isn't dead yet, says Frank O'Connor. And his latest game will prove it.

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mewhy322029d ago

Think there's still power in both consoles. The games are just getting better and better.

r1sh122028d ago

I pretty much agree with every comment on here (so far)..
I mean processing power will never be fully utilised, its how devs optimise textures etc for the graphic card to process more than anything else.
If they optimise it well they can get great looking games with the same hardware.
As someone said "Power is relative to optimization" if better programming techniques are used the more efficiently the hardware can be used within reason.

I really like the way 343 use community views to engineer games, and cant wait to play the campaign before possibly getting into multiplayer again.

GearSkiN2028d ago

Yup gotta ply cheif 1st

lastdual2028d ago

Yes, there's more power that can be squeezed out, but that said, no amount of optimization would make PS2 games look like PS3 games.

There does come a point at which you need to upgrade, both for better visuals and to allow for gameplay features such as enhanced physics.

da_2pacalypse2028d ago

In my opinion, the power of a console is not important. It's all about how creative a developer can get. Take for example a game like journey, while the game looks amazing, it's more about the use of their resources rather than just dumping all their resources into technically good graphics.

Nevertheless, halo4 looks very good, so my hats off to the 343 guys, I can't wait to give this game a go!

mcstorm2028d ago

I agree here I mean look at some of the things Nintendo did with the Wii. For me I go for game play over graphics but I do think both the PS3 and 360 games are looking better and better each year. KZ3, Gears of ware 3 showed that last year as well as Forza 4 imo.

adorie2028d ago

Power is relative to Optimization.

Optimize code further and see better results on the same hardware, on the same engine. This is what I have learned during this gen, although it's been that before this gen.

otherZinc2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )


I agree.

However, it still depends on RAM unification. I believe the PS3 is more tapped due to this. It is evident in sandbox co-op being nonexistent on the PS3. Borderlands is cell-shaded, a dev can do anything with that on almost any hardware.

PS3 games are more using movies, cut-scenes, fmv's & saying look at this. No, I want to play more of the game than watching the game.

Halo 4 looks extremely impressive. At the same time keeping the sandbox play. Also, keeping the 4 player co-op play.

The PS3 would've shown me more if The Last Of Us had co-op play through the campaign. I cant stand running with an AI through a game that a human cant control.

Redgehammer2028d ago

I agree, unless the AI happens to be Alyx Vance, then I don't mind.

Cyfyxtfg2028d ago

Last month there was an article on here that said the last of us had just started designing co-op and multiplayer. And that's why I'm gettin my first ps3 this year

MadMen2028d ago

I agree with adorie, its perspective because other devs are simply better than other devs at taping into power

343 as we can see now, is no slouch

GearSkiN2028d ago

Still remember back when frank used to work for oxm..crazy now seems like he's the boss of 343 way to go man!

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The story is too old to be commented.