First PS3 and PS Vita download charts go live

Fred Dutton – SCEE Blog Manager:

"Hey there everybody. We’re introducing a new regular feature today. At the beginning of every month, you’ll be able to view the top 10 PAL sales charts for the following Store categories right here on PlayStation Blog: PSN games, full PlayStation 3 game downloads, PS Vita game downloads and PSone Classics."

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-GametimeUK-1334d ago

THPSHD was so much fun for me. I held top spot on the leaderboards for a while. Maybe I should play again :-)

Chrono1334d ago

There's a mistake: Final Fantasy XIII should be VIII

ZeroChaos1334d ago

That's because "Pierce" the guy who posted this, copied and pasted from the official blog when their was an error. The error was found pretty much straight away and fixed. See the replies to comments 2 and 3.

pierce1334d ago

The FFVIII mistake has been fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

ZeroChaos1334d ago

So wait, the Arabicgamers site gets it up yet the official eu playstation blog that actually put the information before them gets no reference, no source claim, no nothing?

Talk about poor journalism.

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The story is too old to be commented.