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Monster Hunter 3 Wii U Vs Monster Hunter Tri - screenshot comparison

ONM writes: Remember when we thought that Monster Hunter Tri was the best looking game on a Nintendo platform? I still remember being blown away by the sight of a Lagiacrus underwater or a giant Rathalos soaring through the sky. Yet, when you compare the new Monster Hunter: UIltimate Edition screenshots with Monster Hunter Tri, you feel rather foolish for being so impressed by visuals in the epic Wii game. (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Monster Hunter Tri, Wii, Wii U)

Thepcz  +   926d ago
i wasnt impressed by the wii game
the game had no real sense of place, with little sections being loaded at a time.

plus the game was incredibly slow and clunky

its just plain boring.

its the only game in a very long time i bought on the strength of reviews and totally regretted it.

i wont be making the same mistake again.

the game sucks
Stroke666  +   926d ago
I'd have to disagree with it being a boring game. Its not a genre meant for all. Some people don't like the idea of searching and scavenging materials for your in game nessecities, they'd rather open a chest and have a polished new weapon thats 4x stronger than the previous. I for one love the sense of accomplishment once you've completed an armor set or completed the weapon you wanted and it works better than you expected. The load times do suck and at times gameplay can get slow, but overall I think its a good game.
aceitman  +   926d ago
im not to impressed , being its going to be the best looking wii u game .
wishingW3L  +   926d ago
Monster Hunter as a franchise is just as average/crap as the likes of Dynasty Warrior and Gundam games but Japan and weaboos loves it for some unknown reason that we'll never understand.
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ronin4life  +   926d ago
It's great because it has actual challenge, immersion and depth in design that most games of this day and age lack.
I really hope your comment was a joke...-_-;;
Irishguy95  +   926d ago
Monster Hunter tri is the first one I played, it was amazing, especially after the first few hours when you get a real enemy to hunt./ The idea of tracking an enemy, setting up traps etc, and the diversity in enemy design is top notch
ThanatosDMC  +   926d ago
I'm hoping that the next gen Monster Hunter games will be more like Dragons Dogma. It's more dynamic and immersive.
Grap  +   926d ago
not impressive screen shots but if i ever did buy Wii U i will buy it just for this game.
AWBrawler  +   926d ago
What monster hunter did you play? are you not used to the series??
Thepcz  +   925d ago
i bought monster hunter tri, the limited edition hunter pack (it came in a chest)
it wasnt cheap either, so it was to my dismay that it was a miserable, miserable game.

i have not played a monster hunter game before, but that holds no bearing on the games quality. i mean, had i not played a zelda game before i played ocarin of time, would that matter? no, because a good game is a good game.

in my opinion, monster hunter is trash.

and dont get me wrong, i didnt play it for 10 mins then give up- i have at least put 6 hrs into the game before just giving up on it because nothing exciting or interesting happened. its not a fun game.

xenoblade is a game that takes a mammoth effort to get anything out of it, but even in the early moments of the game you can grasp how good the game is, so the effort is worth it. monster hunter is not the same. its a drab experience devoid of any charm, character or likability.

and i spent over the odds on my copy of the game, so it does actually pain me to say i wasted my money!
AWBrawler  +   925d ago
6 hours in moster hunter is the equivalent to 30 seconds of baten kaitos lol not enough to tell
EPIKgamer  +   926d ago
I wanted tri but it wasn't in my budget, I guess I have good luck then because I'm so excited for Ultimate.
guitarded77  +   926d ago
I like the art style of Monster Hunter. While there's clearly a visual upgrade in the texture department, the Wii version is a great looking game in its own right.
tubers  +   925d ago
Or they simply didn't went all out with the Wii U's hardware.

Other than higher textures and resolution.. the geometry looks the same.

I hope the FPS is at least higher.
majiebeast  +   926d ago
This is gonna be like 30$ max right?
ronin4life  +   926d ago
Why should it be?

Though that would be awesome...
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DivineAssault  +   926d ago
Sony puts out HD remakes @ $40 so this shouldnt cost any more than that.. If it does, & u gotta buy the 3DS version on top, it wont move in the west..
ronin4life  +   926d ago
You don't HAVE to buy both versions.
Furthermore, this is not an HD revamp, but a superior version with EXTRA content.
WiiUalpha  +   925d ago
Sony's HD remakes have no added content at all either. Just updated visuals for the game you already played, this is partly tri and partly other MH games. It's not at all just an HD upgrade. Seems only Sony can release the same game over and over and its okay.
SonyNGP  +   926d ago
I don't see why it should concern you. You're not gonna buy it :/
christheredhead  +   926d ago
I played the Wii version non stop. I still throw it on every now and then. I'm definitely picking this up though. More Monster Hunter is always a good thing in my book.
ShadowKingx  +   926d ago
i have to say it look great and it better since the wii finally has 1080p and like many others this is the only reason i will buy a wii u because of the mh 3 ultimate edition. Been playing mh since ps2 and still going.
breakpad  +   925d ago
OK Nintedo capcom made true your childish will to bring MH series exclusive to your consoles and the game sucks because hasnt evolved his grafics since ps2...now let the hardcore fans(and players) to play the game to a Sony console...as it should be played
WiiUalpha  +   925d ago
I think you hit the p instead of the T when creating your name. What are you trying to say? That is just such poor English I'm not even sure what you are saying.
breakpad  +   925d ago
i dont care to if i use or not your primitive language right...but you represent exactly the audience of a nintendo console...and you understand very well what i m saying...
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