GameTap: Jumper: Griffin's Story Preview

Giancarlo Varanini of GameTap writes: If you don't know what Jumper is here's a brief rundown: It's a movie starring Darth Vader--um, we mean Hayden Christensen, and he has a special ability that allows him to teleport anywhere and at anytime--kind of like Nightcrawler of X-Men fame. Since this character has no sense of morals, he uses this power to rob banks and perform a variety of other naughty activities that eventually catches the attention of the paladins--a group of people who hunt down jumpers. Yes, there's more one jumper, and the game actually focuses on another jumper named Griffin O'Conner.

Unlike Hayden's character, who makes a few appearances in the game, Griffin seems to be a bit more aggressive about taking the fight to the paladins because of the whole "paladins murdered my parents" thing. As such, Griffin goes around the world beating these guys up in an attempt to not only find out more information about the paladin organization, but also to stop them from hunting down other jumpers.

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