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Bioware founder to speak at GDC; MMO to be announced?

By following the link you can see Bioware Corp. Co-Founder Ray Muzyka is going to speak on the future of MMOs. What does he know about MMOs? Bioware's only experience is speculated development of a new MMO they are rumored to be creating.

We'll see either way at GDC '08...

What do you think? (Culture, Dev, Industry, Knights of the Old Republic MMO, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Spike47  +   2732d ago
Bioware make it on both systems on ps3 and xbox360.

all gamers want to play, I want a star wars mmo on my ps3. PLZ!!!!!!!!!
socomnick  +   2732d ago
Well lets hope its for consoles period its most likely gonna be for pcs. :(
ichimaru  +   2732d ago
i hope it is kotor 2, i GUESS a mulpitplater wouldn't be that bad. everyone can enjoy it right?.
Dr Pepper  +   2732d ago
KOTOR 2 was released a while ago...

I think you mean KOTOR 3...
darkvenom  +   2732d ago
Hell No!...
i hope they don't mess with KOTOR 3,and make it an MMO,I really hate those. :(
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2732d ago
Better be a console version!
jackdoe  +   2732d ago
Why the hell would they announce a new game at GDC? GDC is a place for people to share info about tech, give advice, etc. Not announce new games.
Lygre  +   2732d ago
I'm guessing Bioware will annonce KOTOR the MMO or Mass Effect MMO.

Well, probably KOTOR MMO since Mass Effect is just on game 1 out of 3 now...

And why announce new GAMES at the GAME Developers Conference? Gee...you tell me.
Hooby  +   2732d ago
kotor MMO makes zero sense. That game was always about a truly epic single player experience, which cannot be done in an MMO where a zillion people cannot be the main character in a story. I sincerley hope they would not stray so far as to not even finish the kotor story with revan and the exile and co, after building up for such an epic third and final story for Revan, to just leave it in the hands of "a whole bunch of nameless adventurers" a la an MMO is a complete dishonor to the story.
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MK_Red  +   2732d ago
PLEASE... Don't let KOTOR3 be an MMO. And BioWare, please cancel the MMO and work on more classic singleplayer RPGs. MMO RPGs have almost killed the PC RPGs and even Bethesda might try to turn Elder Scrolls into MMO. Seriously, last year, the only real singleplayer PC RPG was The Witcher from an unknown dev that turned out to be a pleasent surprise.
Kain81  +   2731d ago
This must be Dragon Age
and there are Rumors that this game will come to PS3 and PC only
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phony force slayer  +   2730d ago
that laugage is for the open gay war room
Azures  +   2731d ago
ikaris  +   2657d ago
Calm down. Look.
Intended Audience
Anyone interested in massively multiplayer gaming, regardless of the client platforms used (PC, console, handheld or mobile).

Aka. Whatever is going on is going on, is going to be on all sorts of platforms. Lucasarts is a fan of multi platforming for the most part. Just look at Force Unleashed.

and bioware is probably being brought in to push more PRG features onto MMOs.
If you think about it.. no MMO has good relationship building between characters. Guilds are soooooo mob like, yet not at all emotionally connected or differentiated between except for a guilds tabard.
Maybe MMOs are going to change.
And isn't that just fantastic?

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