Bioware founder to speak at GDC; MMO to be announced?

By following the link you can see Bioware Corp. Co-Founder Ray Muzyka is going to speak on the future of MMOs. What does he know about MMOs? Bioware's only experience is speculated development of a new MMO they are rumored to be creating.

We'll see either way at GDC '08...

What do you think?

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Spike473636d ago

Bioware make it on both systems on ps3 and xbox360.

all gamers want to play, I want a star wars mmo on my ps3. PLZ!!!!!!!!!

socomnick3636d ago

Well lets hope its for consoles period its most likely gonna be for pcs. :(

ichimaru3636d ago

i hope it is kotor 2, i GUESS a mulpitplater wouldn't be that bad. everyone can enjoy it right?.

Dr Pepper3636d ago

KOTOR 2 was released a while ago...

I think you mean KOTOR 3...

darkvenom3636d ago

i hope they don't mess with KOTOR 3,and make it an MMO,I really hate those. :(

ASSASSYN 36o3636d ago

Better be a console version!

jackdoe3636d ago

Why the hell would they announce a new game at GDC? GDC is a place for people to share info about tech, give advice, etc. Not announce new games.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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