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One Hit Pixel: Carmageddon’s Executive Director And Lead Designer On Why “Racing Is For Wimps”

One Hit Pixel caught up with Neil ‘Nobby’ Barnham – co-founder Stainless Games executive director for Carmageddon, alongside Lead Designer Simone McDermott, to talk about the history, the legacy and indeed the potential future of the franchise. (Carmageddon, Carmageddon: Reincarnation, Mobile, PC, PS3, Retro, Xbox 360)

segamon  +   756d ago
Carmageddon was the best driving experience i've ever had in gaming.. can't wait for Carmageddon Reincarnation.
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DoomeDx  +   756d ago
Damn i love that game

and what? there is a new carmageddon coming!?
segamon  +   756d ago
yes my friend, the team reassembled, collected fan donations at kickstarter and the game is almost done.

and get this, they're also going to use prat-cam with Tony Taylor as Max Damage and Faye Morey as Die Anna again among many more classic characters.

add to that, they'll include the classic and awesome soundtracks from the original game.

start your engines, the death race is back.

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DirtyLary  +   755d ago
Same fond memories of this game.

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