GotNext: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Review

GotNext writes:

"Flying through the final level is a joy and a triumph, and it finally helped me make up my mind that I liked the game enough to deal with its issues. The scenery and music are fantastic, and the way all the level items interact with each other makes it a blast to play through. Then Wizeman hands you your head on a platter and you get to do it again, over and over until you figure out the trick to defeating him.

Adding insult to injury, NiGHTS finally breaks out unskippable cut-scenes that, while not very long, completely wear out what little charm they have by the fourth viewing. The final level, which should have been the deciding factor in a game constantly wobbling between pretty fun and mildly aggravating, became tarnished by the drudgework of forced repetition. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams still ends up being a decent game, but it should have been so much better."

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