Rage of Bahamut: What is Up With Cygames?

Gaming Dead: "It’s been several weeks since Rage of Bahamut’s new trading system came out. Those who play the game know that a few weeks before that, trading (which was initially free market) and gifts were locked down entirely. Unsurprisingly, this caused an outrage among players, including myself and several others I know. Less unsurprisingly, this isn’t a rant. This is simply a statement of what I feel are the facts of the matter."

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zgoldenlionz1924d ago

Pay to win. I'm not surprised cygames seem to do anything they can to squeeze dimes out of there customers.

It's too bad I actually enjoyed playing it and got pretty far considering I only spent maybe 5 dollars in 80 levels( I knew people that would spend 100+ a week) but trust me it wasn't easy.

MySwordIsHeavenly1924d ago

I can't get past the HORRIBLE ads on Pandora radio. I'll never try this.

GraveLord1924d ago

What? The ads on Pandora are literally 30 seconds long and its not like they pop up every other song.....

MySwordIsHeavenly1924d ago

They're so bad though! The same goes for most iOS/Android games. Their marketing is atrocious. People fake British accents to sell most RPG's. It's terrible!

ElementX1924d ago

Personally, I like Shadow Era. I play it on PC and mobile. Another interested online TCG is Carte.