Yet Again, PSP Game Tops Japanese Game Sales (Media Create Software Sales 9/24 - 9/30)

"For the second week in a row, a PSP game has topped the Japanese software sales charts. Last week, it was the DS-gone-PSP version of Final Fantasy III taking top honors. This week, SD Gundam serves to display the immense popularity of the Gundam franchise as well as enduring marketability of the PSP in Japan." -PSLS

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dbjj120881992d ago

Unbelievable. Though, remember the PS2 had surprising sales figures following the release of the next-gen Sony home console, so I guess all this positive PSP performance is in line with that.

miyamoto1990d ago

SD Gundam G Generation: Overworld 202,887 units first week

DivineAssault 1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Some people dont want to give up their PSP & their library of software they have.. Vita is by far a much better machine but it doesnt have backward compatibility (w umds) .. Japan also gets much better software for it than we do so i can understand why its still kicking.. I tell u what tho, once that price drop hits it, that things will no doubt have a major surge in popularity.. Thats probably why its not doing too hot right now.. ppl figure since the 3ds didnt do too good until a price drop, the same will occur.. will its coming nx yr at some point so i cant say id be pissed i paid full price.. Got my moneys worth already

profgerbik1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

You can practically buy any game for PSP, or any older console on the PSN marketplace or PEN whatever the hell it is called now.

Either way it does support all it's older games for the most part, yea it sucks you might have to re-buy them instead of using an old UMD but honestly you can't expect to seriously always be able to do something like that.

That is what you have a PSP for, it isn't the Vita's job to handle UMD's anymore. I also feel if you seriously are still playing PSP titles that much, maybe you should never have gotten rid of your PSP to begin with.

Honestly I am also sick of hearing about this price drop. Anyone who actually owns a Vita knows damn well it's worth every single penny. I own one and I have literally had no issue with the price once I actually used it.

You will be lucky to buy a phone that cheap now a days and people are still complaining about the Vita's price when there is so much going on right now that people are just being robbed blindly literally and this is all you care about?

The only thing that sucked was it not coming with memory cards, Sony had to do them because of all the hacking with the PSP and piracy of games.. So I don't blame them.. I do wish it at least came with a 2GB card.. Thing is they don't make them.

So even if they did include it, it would only bump the Vita's price up even more and people would just complain about that also.

DivineAssault 1992d ago

i know its worth the money.. Its actually worth MORE than what is being charged but ppl dont wana spend over $200 plus memory plus games + their old psp games again etc.. I was fortunate enough to have downloaded about 1/2 of my psp games a long time ago so i was able to get em back but the other 1/2, i will need to purchase again.. I used reward points for my 16 & 32GB memory cards so i lucked out there too..

Some ppl may have to spend alot of money to be comfortably set up with it but once that happens, they will say to themselves "why didnt i buy this earlier?" cuz its a magnificent handheld.. I use it as much if not more than my PS3 while im home..Great investment & very under appreciated handheld..

I guess saving a nickel by buying the other one is worth losing out on all the options vita gives u.. What gets me is that the damn games cost THE SAME! & vita titles are much more detailed & full of production value.. $40 for the games on the other one feels like a smack in the face & its clear that the quality is lower

miyamoto1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Lovin' FFIII on my HDTV. Played it in DS but the PSP version is a whole lot better in terms of graphics & sound.

It pains me to see SD Gundam Generation not making it on a PS3 like in the good ole days of PSOne & PS2 but PSP still gets the job well done.

Looks like the PSP will still be around for a few more years with this kind of performance. This is Sony's future proofing.

PSP is one of the main reason for the PSV's "performance is held back" at least in Japan.

If another MonHun gets released for PSP, Japan will be in for a major party remix.

Y's adds up to my ,ust play list.

Ult iMate1992d ago

"I don’t know what Style Savvy Trendsetters is, but I’m mildly upset that it’s outselling Ys Celceta right now. If you care to share any rage or delight, do so below in our comment section."

Agree with the author. Celceta looks amazing. Why such sales? Can't wait for western release.

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