Rage of the Day: Over-hyped hatred

"Popularity in the videogame industry can either be a title’s best friend or its most visceral enemy, with both instances usually happening at the same time. Take a look at the this week’s release of Resident Evil 6, for example. Rabid fans of the series have been outspoken from both sides of the fence, creating a whirlwind of attention that Capcom is sure to not be too thrilled about.

This long-running phenomenon is a powerful conundrum – one that requires an open-minded and patient audience. Unfortunately, given the anonymity afforded by the internet, such discussion of popularity versus how good a game really is can be a breeding ground for both open-mindedness and contagious negativity. Especially for the games we love the most.

In my opinion, there’s no more popular game to get this sort of treatment than Final Fantasy VII."

- Tom Farndon

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