PS3 and Xbox 360 to fight it out on GTA VI

Tech writes: "Microsoft man says Xbox already 'owns' next Grand Theft Auto: The console war between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 is heating up daily. And this week Microsoft Game Studios boss, Shane Kim, has come out with some fightin' words with regard to the imminent launch of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. He claims that the launch of GTA IV could be a deciding factor in which console wins the sales battle in the long-run.

Will GTA IV help the Xbox 360 defeat the PS3 in this current generation of gaming? Will the PS3 fight back? We'll just have to wait and see."

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aggh im on fire3598d ago

I dare say it will sell more on the 360 as it has the biggest user base and looks like its going to get all the advertising.
I played the last ones on the Playstation but will be getting it for the 360. Need those achivements.

nicholascage243598d ago

i own both ps3 and xbx but i would be purchasing my copy for the ps3. GTA4 is also big in europe too where ps3 version will have a huge advantage in terms of sales.The ps2 owners are likely to purchase a ps3 for Gta rather than xbx here in Na. Most of these ps2 owners were also ps1 owners.

A tradition is not changed overnight and so are the brand preferences. Most x360 owners were old xbx owners. same goes to ps3.

sonarus3598d ago

well i am getting mine on ps3 however it will more than likely sell more on 360 however the real question is will it play the roll of system seller more for the 360 or for the ps3. The whole achievement idea is cool but i wouldnt buy a game just cus of achievements. I am more interested in the 360 exclusive content if its something extremely cool then i will reconsider buying for 360 however most of my friends at this point are just buying their ps3's so in order for me to take advantage of online fun i still strongly lean to the ps3 version.

power of Green 3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Lets say Wii was about the same as the 360, If Mario came to the 360 with the 360 costing less and the 360 version having more content or the full game, gamers would refuse the 360 and the 360 version of Mario because they see it as a Nintendo game?.

Most of those PS2 owners are simply casual trend consumers founded from NIntendo, Sony won them over and Nintendo seems to be winning them back faster then MSFT and Sony can win them over or keep them.

People will buy the game or the console to go with the game the best way they can, MSFT would have announced whats comming in the future by the time this title launches.

Actually they could do great damage if a reduced price bundle was released, obviously they're chest is held up high so expect something.

This "tradition" with PS games has been said sence PS games started comming to the 360.

gamesR4fun3598d ago

if the 360 sales match the ps3 ones they did better than I thought they would...
personally tho Im buying this for the pc the mod scene loves gta and Im still playing new stuff on all my old GTA games.

IntelligentAj3598d ago

Aside from GTA how many PS heavy hitters have come to the 360? Not arguing just asking a question.

sonarus3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

wish ps3 version could get mod support:(. Now if sony could get that rockstar to do that...that would offer something to take off the msoft edge with exclusive content.

@Power of green: What are you saying. What games does microsoft have under its belt. Msoft announced alan wake how many yrs ago that still isnt out isnt that announcing games in advance. If you think msoft is trying to pull suprises you are only fooling yourself. At most they will suprise with 2 or maybe 3 titles but there are still titles under sony that they themselves havnt fully unmasked. Remember there is the other Socom project, Afrika, infamous, eight days, heavy rain, war devil, la noire, getaway 3, there is the rumored kojima exclusive, there is the other rockstar exclsuive thats not la noire, then they still have god of war 3 coming out then there is the team ico game. Not trying to count msoft out here but i doubt microsoft has enough games under their sleeves to challenege sony's exclusives. And believe me there is more i havent even mentioned cus i wnt go start digging them up. to find out msofts hidden exclusived that is exactly what you have to do. The way you speak its like sony jst runs around announcing exclusives every week. Common man with such a mentality you dnt belong in the gamer zone section

power of Green 3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Still don't know why #1 is getting dissagree's.

Marketing GTA4, price drops and the announcments of the lineup and more will change everything, its simple really.

Sony took advantage of MSFT not boasting their plans months or years in advance.

Thats all we're seeing(plus the two PS3 drops in a few months, SKU swaping or otherwise)

SUP3R3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

It's funny to me how HUGE a deal GTAIV is to Microsoft this year than any of their huge exclusive '08 games...umm...hmm...that's another topic by itself.

mikeslemonade3598d ago

And how much money did Microsoft spend to "own" GTA4? It's not worth the money. And the PS3 exclusives that are coming out early 2008 will more than enough offset this game. Halo 3 hardly put a dent on the PS3, so GTA4 will underdeliver as well especially if the game is multiplatform. Halo 3 sold close to 9 million and anyone who thinks GTA 4 will sell 27 million is retarded because that's what it would need to sell for the 360 to put a dent on the PS3. Because GTA4 on 360 would need to sell 18 million compared to the PS3 9 million in order to do a Halo 3 type damage. The truth is GTA4 will sell under 12 million.

LastDance3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

you know..this "exlusive content" sounds like The rockstar guys sat around together and tried to come up with the least but sufficient enough amount of love for all that money they gave them.

and microsoft boast this?....seriously what is the most useless thing about GTA.....
the missions right? ive played all 5 gtas and i havent gotten through half of the missions ever hahah.
microsofts like this happy little puppy that will take anything.

Stubacca3598d ago

I can't believe folk are going on about achievement points. What the hell? The thing about GTA4 is that it's gonna be a killer game nomatter what console you own. But achievements don't mean anything to me.

What does is the exclusive content. This will drive 360 sales, despite the idiots have to pay for it additionally. I hate the idea of episodic content. But if there is a single reason in the whole wide world why to buy a 360 it would be that content. I'd rather the city bigger, preferably on a blu-ray disc.

The only question is, will this "episodic content" be any good?

tatical3598d ago

but I'm getting GTA IV for the PS3. I'm waiting for MS to send me my box so my 360 can be fixed as I type this.

meepmoopmeep3598d ago

DMC4 has achievements on the PS3... you can bet on other games to have it also, same goes with in-game soundtracks

sonarus3598d ago

another smart reason to go with the ps3 is you knw it will always be there when you need it. wnt be red ringing when you need to be playing it desprately

Sevir043597d ago

for the ps3 version and the moment i said PS3, the clerk said that the xbox 360 version has extra content. i just looked up and Said So does the PS3. straight from the mouth of Rockstar them self. i said just put it under the PS3 because dont own a 360. and he was like still...

either way this will be my first GTA i play through completely the others i've always gotten into but them loose track of the story because i cant get any motivation to complete. but i also wanna help out in the Sales of this game.

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resistance1003598d ago

Sony actually have the upper hand here. Sure 360 version should sell more copies due to larger install base.

However when it comes to marketing the game sony have the edge, sure 360 version can see more content for extra price when it hits late 08/early 09, however sony can market the fact that they have Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and Metal Gear Solid 4 coming at near the same time being exclusive to the PS3.

Hatchetforce3598d ago

Here is what a lot of people are missing. GTA will sell far more PS3 consoles than Xbox 360s. There are a huge ocean of PS3 fans that haven't purchased one and this is what they have been waiting for as they also know that MGS4, Killzone, FFXIII, etc are coming.

Kleptic3598d ago

yeah...the media in general misses that overall...PS2 owners are looking for GTAIV, MGS4, FFXIII, and GT5 just to name a few...MS will make you believe that all they care about is GTAIV...

there is absolutely zero reason to buy a 360 for GTAIV...if you only own a 360...then whatever...but as someone looking to buy a new console...why would you alienate all the other great franchises, and buy the 360 console for GTAIV?...don't bother replying to that...its a rhetorical 360 fanboy has any weight against that argument...

SUP3R3598d ago

Everyone in my neighborhood is talking about getting the PS3 now.
1stly because of the price, 2ndly because of GTA, GT5, MGS4 and also because of the recent Blu-Ray news.
When I asked about the 360, the general response was the 360 doesn't have the games they want and it doesn't have a Blu-Ray player.
GT5 is actually the biggest reason why most are buying a PS3.

Stubacca3598d ago

Playstation is the console of choice.

GTA 1 & 2 = PS1
GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas = PS2
GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories = PSP
GTA4 = PS3 baby!

Hatchetforce3598d ago

You forgot GTAV = PS3 exclusive.

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MephiSkA3598d ago

The title of the article states GTA VI instead of GTA IV.

power of Green 3598d ago

This game is only going to help MSFT the lineup for the 360 will kill much of PS3's hype within a few months and a price drop into mass market range will change everything.

MSFT does a poor job marketing most games but when they do market a hit they do it better than everybody else.

Kleptic3598d ago

Good point...Sony is in absolutely no position to introduce a price cut as well, right around GTAIV and MGS4...why would they do that?...cut the price to open the doors for is spring?...

stop rubbing your nuts dude...If MS does a price cut on the 360...
Sony will answer...and you know it...just deal with the fact that the PS3 is in a impossibly good position this year...I know it sucks for you...but being ignorant to the economics behind both sides just makes you look retarded...

Sony has the titles this year...there is not one exclusive besides NG2 that holds any wait...but NG2 is up against some extremely seasoned veterans...the 360 will not die this year...but it will lose on a massive level...there is no arguing that...

VigorousApathy3598d ago

Golly I wonder which console will win? The one that can be given new updates or the one that paid 50 million dollars for them to shove the giant game into 8 gigabytes? Well, when GTA 5 is made you can just switch discs everytime you want to go to the east part of the city. No big deal.

power of Green 3598d ago

WHAT?... Lets just hope we don't have to install the game, theres some dark days ahead for us gamers indeed.

3598d ago
3598d ago
sonarus3598d ago

I do agree with power of green those lengthy install times have to stop. Uncharted is a beautiful game that holds tons of stuff on blu ray disc but didnt need any crappy install time neither did ratchet and clank as i remember nor insomniac and all those games loaded fine. All this installation needs to stop. Apart from taking my precious hard drive space its just annoying. Its even more annoying when i knw its unnecessary its just that some devs dnt plan for it well. Sony needs to introduce this to game devs so those install times can stop.

Regardless of this though even with long install times if gta becomes exclusive to ps3 again and it is way better on ps3 than when it was multiplat i will never buy any msoft game console again for holding back GTAIV. lol well maybe if xbox"720" comes out with another gears lol.

SUP3R3598d ago

Uncharted did have an installation process it was just not long as DMC's.
I have no idea how Capcom managed to create a 22min installation process.

SlyGuy3598d ago

Why don't developers just give us the OPTION to install or not!! (a la Unreal Tournament III)

Personally, I prefer to install games if it helps loading times. Some people don't like the waiting during installations. Solution: DO NOT make it mandatory.

So simple really. What do you guys think?

gamesR4fun3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

its called progress no matter how much you love your 360 the ps3 is in the house and playing rough. Unless M$ shapes up their out heck my money says rip 09. IF they start putting hd's in standard and let devs tap it. Free online gaming for all is a must. A price drop if not on the sku then on the add ons wont hurt either. Then they'll stay profitable until the nex gens ready to roll. But if they jump the sku again and drop support dont expect your average rrod victim to have enough faith to jump with them. Not when the ps3 is here redefining the next gen experience and 4 sure support for the next 8-10 years.

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