PC Magazine: Apple Mac Mini Review writes:

"Compared with systems like the HP Slimline 3200 series, the Mac mini is much smaller and has the benefit of being both a Mac OS X and a Windows PC. The HP Pavilion Slimline s3020n PC does have larger hard drives, optional internal TV tuners, and also works with MCE extenders like the Xbox 360. Look for more compact systems to start muscling in on the Mac mini's turf as 2008 unfolds.

The Apple Mac mini continues to be an energy-efficient computer as well as a design statement. It's an attractive alternative to Windows Vista PCs, even those with small form factors, since it's a visual, technological, and spiritual match for the iPods in millions of pockets worldwide. It's worth putting on your short list."

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Ru3667d ago

Brother just got one of these...
Its an awesome option for someone on a budget that uses there TV as there monitor and love teh apple.

I would actually consider getting one if my pc ever dies on me... but lets prey that never happens!

BlackCountryBob3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Its rather late for a review isn't it, the last hardware revision on the MacMini was (if memory serves) in September/October 2007 at around the same time the iMac aluminium was launched.

Still, nice unit, just a shame that its such a hassle to upgrade the RAM and Apple charge extortionate prices for their RAM.

PS3n3603667d ago

My buddy bought one these two years ago and even before the intel chipsets you could just go buy kingston ram and stick it in yourself, at that time he paid $80 for an additial 1 gb and installed it right in front of me keep in mind that was $80 two years ago so probably cheaper now. Apple was charging $200 for the same thing across the street. poor apple users rarely know anything about hardware.

BlackCountryBob3667d ago

I know you can put in your own RAM but in the mini it is a hassle because to do it you need to use a knife to force open the case to get to the innards unlike the other systems in the mac range where there is access to the ram or HDD with only 1 screw. The only way to get more than 1GB of RAM in a mini that doesn't involve potentially voiding your warranty on your unit is to pay Apples ridiculous prices.