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Resident Evil 6 Producer: 'You Won't Be Disappointed'

NY Post writes: Resident Evil 6 came out yesterday, and while we’ll have a full review of the game shortly, it was such a marquee title for the month, that we wanted to find out more about it.

The sixth official, numbered game in the long-running horror/action franchise is probably the longest; finishing Leon’s campaign for instance, can take at least eight hours on single player. (And that’s just one of four separate campaigns players choose from; but you have to beat the first three to unlock the fourth one.)

Each campaign has a different style of play that is reminiscent of previous Resident Evil games. To learn more about that design decision, as well as some other key features of the game (you can finally move AND shoot at the same time!), I recently spoke with a producer on the title, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, over email.

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Community1897d ago
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DigitalAnalog1897d ago

"To all our old Resident Evil fans, new Resident Evil fan and lapsed Resident Evil fans, this is a horror game that all of you can enjoy. Please check it out. You won’t be disappointed."

OH. MY. GOD. The denial here is just so pathetic he should've just ended the interview with "Hope you enjoy it".

ritsuka6661897d ago

Resident Evil 6 Producer: 'You Won't Be Disappointed'"

Too late, too late.. I am disappointed already Crapcom '-'

mewhy321897d ago

Wow. That last statement from the him sure sounded a lot like begging. I'm passing on RE6. I base most of my purchases on review scores and head to head results. I think this guy knows that most gamers do the same and that RE6 is in big trouble. Hence the begging at the end.

HammadTheBeast1897d ago

I kinda feel bad for's sad seeing people make mistakes.

showtimefolks1897d ago

don't buy this game these developers are lying you will be disappointed no doubt about it. This is not horror this is a 3rd person action shooter with quick time events like heavy rain and ausra wrath

so its not a horror game
its not a very good 3rd person cover based shooter
and its not a very good QTE game like heav rain

it does nothing exceptional

capcom you are the worst PUblisher in gaming right now and worst than activision or EA combined.

Lucretia1897d ago

funny because me and my fiance are loving it. If the old school players dont like leon's campaign there is a problem. It's way tougher than RE4 and 5. more enemies, You die a lot, the ammo runs out so fast, your stamina drops to zero if your grabbed.

i can understand the hate for chris' campaign, but not leons

Carl_Shocker1897d ago

Jeez Lucretia...your lies and denial are worse then Capcoms

Tougher then RE4 and

Tctczach1897d ago

Were they even serious about this game? It sucked IMO. It didn't feel like RE at all. Quite sad actually.

xPhearR3dx1897d ago

Honestly, I felt Leon's campaign did at first. In fact, half way through chapter 1 until the end of the chapter screamed classic RE. Then it just fell off from there. Towards the end I was screaming WTF is this.

Pozzle1897d ago

It's strange that a lot of people say Leon's campaign reminded them of old RE. I thought Ada's campaign was closer to old-school RE than anything else in the game. Leon's was just a slower-paced version of RE5 imo.

LiquidSword931897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Wow! The producer is stepping in to dismiss our fears. I guess everyone should just trust him and pay the 80 bucks for this wonderful survival horror game! /S

Digimortal1897d ago ShowReplies(2)
TrevorPhillips1897d ago

I am a huge fan of the RE series, I have RE6 and finished it and I can tell you that I am disappointed at it. You see what I did there.

abzdine1897d ago ShowReplies(6)
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The story is too old to be commented.