How To: Transfer PSP and PSOne Classics to a PS Vita with a PS3

GamerTell has posted a "How To" article that offers instructions for transferring PlayStation (a.k.a. PSOne) games to the PSVita using a PlayStation 3.

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Pillsbury12086d ago

I just do it the easy way and doneload it directly to my vita by psn download history

kB02086d ago

not all games are visible on the vita.

Although this tutorial is way too late, there have been a million out since this.

Pillsbury12086d ago

Not every game? I can see every single thing I downloaded from psn on vita. It tells me which ones are compatible with vita and which arent.

kB02086d ago

Yes but some that say it's not compatible with CAN still be installed through ps3.

For example, NFS says not compatible...but I'm running it fine on my vita because I installed it through ps3.

GribbleGrunger2086d ago

Yeah, I think this article is a little late to the party. When PS1 games where first released and America only had 9 games available, then it made sense to do this, but there are now FAR more games and it isn't worth jumping through hoops like this when waiting a week for another big update would suffice.